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Feb 27, 2012 at 12:58 pm | lebron-jamesnba-basketball

The Eastern Conference All-Stars trailed the whole game during the 61st NBA All-Star Game, however, it got incredibly close in the end. Led by LeBron James the Eastern All-stars were able to overcome a 20-point deficit, but came short as the West won 152-149. James had been brilliant with 36 points and six 3-pointers. He’d brought the Eastern Conference back with a ferocious fourth quarter, and, well, everyone was still waiting on him to complete the comeback and blister Bryant, but James turned the ball over with a chance to tie in the final seconds. LeBron wore several colorways of the Nike LeBron 9 during the All-Star weekend, but the most special of all were his Orange glow in the dark shoes, of course. Continue reading for the gallery.

LeBron James Shines in 2012 NBA AllStar Game in Orange KicksLeBron James Shines in 2012 NBA AllStar Game in Orange Kicks
  • bluesky7

    Lebron would have HAVE the MVP! He didn’t took the last SHOT! He kept passing out TWICE! and Kobe YELLED at Lebron was saying “SHOOT THE FUCKING BALL!” Lebron should had SHOOT the LAST SHOT! For sure we all will remember Lebron took his LAST shot in ALL STAR!

  • Alcindor

    I was shocked that he was inbounding the ball on the last play, like what the hell you are 6-8 from 3 point line… Great All Star game all around tho… But I don’t know why some players were wearing orange shoes???

  • All in all it was a great game. I agree… LeBron has to shoot in these situation, but still it was thanks to him they were so close in the end.

  • bluesky7

    One thing, I don’t get it why Ebay guys have to sell Lebron’s All Star shoes over $300 dollars ? Really, He didn’t get anything at all. Kevin Durant got the MVP, not Lebron.

  • JRS

    I honestly think LeBron passed up the shot because he didn’t want to look like the selfish player at the all star game.. The correct pass in that situation was to Carmelo at the top of the key but LeBron simply didn’t see him. When he looks at the film he will see that and say “damn, I should of seen that, but I got it next time.” that’s how he is, he is his biggest critic. And that’s hard to do. If this was an actual game with his actual teammates, I think the outcome would be different. Not just because the play from spoelstra would of been better, but he can anticipate what his teammates would do. It’s funny how the media talks about LeBron passing up the shot, but they don’t talk about deron shooting a terrible 3 right before, or wade shooting a terrible 3 at the end.. It’s all about LeBron passing up the shot. I was satisfied with his circus 3’s and his dunks that would of won the dunk contest.. I ain’t worried about LeBron at all.. He’s got it this year..

  • gogatm

    whats funny is the fact that if lebron wouldnt have been so incredible the whole game and brought the east back we wouldnt even be having this conversation bc the east woulda been blown out. i love lebron and its not that big of deal. man, hes gotta win a ring this year though, to alleviate some pressure and (undeserved) criticism. 

    also, i missed on the all star LeBrons, but after seeing them in the game im not too disappointed. i like the options on march 2nd better anways.

  • Perrypheap8047

    I think Lebron just need to be selfish at the end of the game and take the last shot. Who cares if it doesn’t go in. The point is he tried his best and learn from these close situations. It’s cool because he’s going to get MVP for the season and in the finals.

  • JRS

    They wore orange because that is the color of the NASA space suits and in Olrando they aren’t far from a NASA facility.. The all star LeBron’s are on eBay for $300+ because they are the biggest release of the year.. All the pairs on eBay have a good amount of bids which they are selling easily at those prices so it’s just gonna get worse.. I made sure i got two pairs.. Here is LeBron talking about the all star 9’s..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH8CT_U6JSU&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  • Prices were already that high before the game. Plus Durant’s shoe game is not at LeBron’s level yet.

  • mOe23

    LeBron should’ve shoot the last shot! LeBron is a great floor general. His vision and his passing ability completes his game. He was stroking hot from the 3 specially on the left wing 3. And those deep 3s keep the East hanging and he’s feeling it. But I was also surprised at Tom’s Thibs play intended for Deron, it was a open 3 but the shot felt short.

  • king james’ right hand

    why is lebron getting criticized for passing up but he doesn’t get the credit for closing the game?

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