Have you ever wondered how King James’ tattoos look like up-close? Here you’ll find out the meaning behind his ink in this complete timeline of all LeBron’s tattoos (with photographic evidence). You will also learn how they have changed during the course of his professional basketball career. It’s very difficult to break down all of Bron’s tattoos. If anyone has some additional information (for example meanings, background, close ups), please post a comment below, or contact us. Thanks!

lebron james tattoo 001 back chosen one small Tattoos
LeBron has “CHOSEN1″ tattooed on his back. Rumors that this tattoo was there when LeBron was born remain unconfirmed. Kidding aside, he got that after Sports Illustrated gave him the title on one of the covers, while he was still in High School.
lebron james tattoo 002 arms king james small Tattoos
LeBron’s first arm tattoo – seems like something hairy, wearing a crown, that would later be transformed into a more distinct lion-head.
lebron james tattoo 003 arms plaster small Tattoos
In High School, he had to wear plasters to cover up his tattoos. School’s policy.
lebron james tattoo 101 arms king james small Tattoos
First NBA season – this is how King James came into the league. His lion-head logo got some new scripting – King (above) and James (below).
lebron james tattoo 102 arms beast hold my own small Tattoos
Also, his left arm has two tattoos – “Beast” and “Hold My Own”.
lebron james tattoo 300 arms prince james small Tattoos
Not a lot changed over the first two years in the NBA. In his third NBA season LeBron shows off a new tattoo – “Price James” – in honor of LeBron Jr.’s first birthday.
lebron james tattoo 303 legs witness clean small Tattoos
2006 Playoffs – notice there’s no WITNESS logo at this point.
lebron james tattoo 400 chest clean small Tattoos
It’s difficult to catch LeBron w/o his jersey on. This photo was taken during the 2006 Fiba WCOB. He has a very small tattoo on his chest. Pictures are too small to determine what it reads. Update: According to L23 With Big Z it says “Gifted Child.”
lebron james tattoo 400 legs witness small Tattoos
After quite a successful 2006 Playoffs run, King James got a new tattoo on his leg. On his right calf is the word “Witness,” a reference to Nike’s famous campaign during the post-season.
lebron james tattoo 401 arms akron 330 small Tattoos
Coming into his 4th NBA season LeBron tattoo’ed a large “330” on his right forearm. It’s a reference to his hometown – Akron – area code.
lebron james tattoo 402 arms gloria clean small Tattoos
He got plenty of new tattoos in his 4th year, but at this point his right shoulder was clean from any ink.
lebron james tattoo 403 arms left clean small Tattoos
Here’s the other side of his Akron tattoo. It says “No one can see through what i am except for the one that made me” in script inside an old unrolled paper script (thanks chris23). Also, notice a change in the “Hold My Own” left arm tattoo. Images of birds flying were added around this tattoo.
lebron james tattoo 404 arms j script clean small Tattoos
At this point LeBron didn’t have the “L” and “J” scripted on his triceps. He got that during his second NBA Playoffs appearance. See the next photo.
lebron james tattoo 405 arms l j script small Tattoos
In the second round of the 2007 NBA Playoffs, during Cavaliers’ six days rest waiting for the next opponent, James got some new ink… “L” and “J” letters – his initials, of course – scripted on his triceps.
lebron james tattoo 407 arms hold my own small Tattoos
The new tattoo over the lion-head says “Gloria” in honor of Gloria James – LeBron’s mom. Additionally, notice two small tattoos on Bron’s hands. On his right hand there’s a K-J-1, which most likely means King James 1.0.
lebron james tattoo 500 arms akron 330 small Tattoos
Here’s a close up of the 330 (Akron) tattoo on Bron’s right forearm.
lebron james tattoo 500 arms gloria small Tattoos
Close up of “Gloria”.
lebron james tattoo 500 arms left small Tattoos
During the summer, before joining the USA Basketball Training Camp, LeBron tattooed names of his second son – Bryce Maximus – of his left forearm.
lebron james tattoo 502 arms hold my own small Tattoos
Going into his fifth NBA season, LeBron modified the “Hold My Own” tattoo and his left biceps.
lebron james tattoo 506 arms k j 1 small Tattoos
Above his right wrist, there’s yet another small tattoo. It is hard to interpret without a close up.
lebron james tattoo 507 arms left bryce maximus small Tattoos
Another look at the Bryce Maximus tattoo on his left forearm, commemorating the birth of King James’ second son.
lebron james tattoo 509 arms right small Tattoos
Right arm.
lebron james tattoo 510 arms l j script small Tattoos
“L” & “J”.
lebron james tattoo 512 arms akron 330 small Tattoos
lebron james tattoo 517 legs witness small Tattoos
lebron james tattoo 518 arms both small Tattoos
Both arms – close up.
lebron james tattoo 519 arms beast hold my own small Tattoos
Sixth NBA season – LeBron comes in with some modifications on his left arm. The “Beast” is now surrounded with stars and the “Hold My Own” got some color.
lebron james tattoo 602 arms left inner small Tattoos
The “Prince James” tattoo has been changed as well. There’s much more graphic in the background.
lebron james tattoo 603 chest lion small Tattoos
lebron james tattoo 604 arms left inner small Tattoos
lebron james tattoo 605 arms both inner small Tattoos
lebron james tattoo 607 arms both inner small Tattoos
Back of his left forearm tattoo. Not sure what is says.
lebron james tattoo 611 chest lion small Tattoos
Close up of James’ lion/dragon thing chest tattoo. Photo taken during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
lebron james tattoo 612 arms both small Tattoos
LeBron’s tattoos in full glory.
lebron james tattoo 613 arms l j script small Tattoos
lebron james tattoo 615 legs witness small Tattoos
Witness close up.
lebron james tattoo 616 rib cage family small Tattoos
Entering the 2009 NBA Playoffs LBJ was seen with a new tattoo during one of the practice sessions in the first round. Below the lion/dragon image on his chest there’s a “Family” written in script on the right side of his abdomen. Also, there seems to be something on the other side too – “Loyalty”. So far there are no pics.
lebron james tattoo 701 arms what we do in life small Tattoos
lebron james tattoo 701 arms echoes in eternity small Tattoos
Continuing his tradition of getting new tattoos before the NBA Playoffs, LeBron James returned from his one week rest / minor ankle injury on March 12th, 2010 with a new tattoo placed on his left and right bicep. Right arm reads “What we do in life” and the left follows… “echoes in eternity”. It is a quote form LeBron’s favorite movie – “Gladiator”.
lebron james tattoo 702 legs history small Tattoos
lebron james tattoo 703 legs history small Tattoos
On April 17th, 2010… in the first game of the 2010 NBA Playoffs, LeBron James sported not only a new pair of shoes, but also a new tattoo on his left leg. Matching the WITNESS tattoo on his right leg (see above), The King got himself HISTORY on the left. His message is now complete as it reads WITNESS HISTORY.
lebron james tattoo 704 ribs loyality small Tattoos
lebron james tattoo 707 ribs loyality small Tattoos
Here’s a detailed look at LeBron’s rib cage tattoos. Joining “Family” on the left side is “Loyalty” on the right side. It displays two of James’ five credos: Passion, Fearless, Tradition, Community, Family, Loyalty.
lebron james tattoo 802 shoulder akron est 1984 small Tattoos
lebron james tattoo 803 shoulder akron est 1984 small Tattoos
lebron james tattoo 805 shoulder akron est 1984 small Tattoos
In 2013, after winning his second NBA championship, LeBron James decided to remind us all about his birthplace and the year he was born. He added two new tattoos on his collarbones. His right shoulder reads “Akron” and his left shoulder reads “Est. 1984″. Again, it’s difficult to catch LBJ shirtless, but when you’re doing a commercial on a beach in Miami… photographers will follow.

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    Lebron’s vert (45″) is far better than 35″…you must have gotten him confused with Kobe (36″). Stop downing people and find something positive to comment on.

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    LBJ is the best there is and ever will be! his dominance in every aspect of the game cannot be denied. I make sure i rep him wherever i go, the ring he earned this year is yet another testament of the superiority he has on the world in the sport of basketball, he’s the best and thats it! haterz welcome!!

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  • dave

    Stupid. What you believe is in your heart. Writing it on your body just makes you look insecure.

  • kijak

    if he was white , he would’ve been michael scofield :P

  • Bruce Balsinde

    I personally don’t like tattoos but to criticize somebody else for expressing themselves in their own way is just ridiculous.

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  • Sean Getyourgirldrippingwetcir


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  • E.Meezy

    his kids bdays 10/6 and 6/14

  • dsolo23456

    Lebron is the best in the game period but you Ohio fans fail to realize is that the greatest player in ball which is my top #1 player Jordan did have was a lot of off the court problems and yes he was a great role model but behind close doors and cameras out there face every player has a life or family as well. Lebron expresses his thoughts and feelings through ink. As which every player does but the meaning of his tattoos are something he has always felt, wanted, and loves. Think about it.

  • LeEric mims

    there’s a left out tattoo.situated at the upper left arm with unshaded stars

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    what a stupid comment.

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    IAM a Lebron fan since he left Cleveland. And will always be a BIG LEBRON JAMES FAN FO LIFE

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  • Pacca

    Nice evolution of tattoos but what a knob! ‘Witness history’, ‘chosen 1′ and ‘LJ are ridiculous. Chosen 1, did superstars who have proven themselves like Wilt, Jordan and Russell make stupid statements with tatty or talent. They make the joke people write their names in their underwear in case they get hit by a bus but LJ on your arms is the next step of ‘if in case you find me return to…..’

  • OP123

    Seriously? Chosen 1 was given to him by Sports Illustrated, and Witness History was given to him by Nike! What does it matter what he decides to put on his body? If you seriously have a problem with him even getting his initials tatted on the backs of his arms, I really can’t take you seriously! Why can’t people leave all the greats from the past out of conversations like this where they were never even brought up until haters decide to start talking about them for no reason on articles that have nothing to do about them? LeBron fanatics might go overboard with the praise, but LeBron haters are just ridiculous! Lol.

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    What a ridiculous statement! I’d really like to know what decisions you’ve made in your life so that people can judge you for no reason! Seriously, get out of here! Lol.

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    LeBron and his back-to-back championships make it seem like it was a good decision for him! By the way, I don’t understand why you even associated that number with LeBron more than MJ even if you’re a native of Ohio! That’s your problem right there! Lol.

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    Everything we do echoes an eternity

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    Ink has nothing to do with how great of a player LBJ is. Even still, Jordan has ink. Don’t be stupid.

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    like the gladiator quot ” what we do in life echoes an enternity tatoo

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    best basketball player of all time hands down no offense but lebron has one uped jordan

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