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Nike LeBron signature sneakers are very popular basketball shoes. They’re also very expensive too. For that reason many people take the easy way out and try to get rich by selling fakes and taking advantage of others. Counterfeits are everywhere so be careful! Always check who are you buying from and for God’s sake use your common sense at all times (f.e. DO NOT buy newly released shoes for like 50 bucks). Below, there are a couple of straightforward guides, which will help spot a fake LeBron sneaker. Hopefully, you will find them useful before making a purchase.

These guides should help you avoid buying fake Nike LeBron shoes. However, please remember that even with those guidelines there is still a great risk of getting cheated. Fake sellers always try to improve their merchandise and sometimes it’s very hard to decide what is what.

If you have any questions or you just want our advice about fakes feel free to contact us through the contact page or via Twitter or Facebook. Be sure to include appropriate links and/or pictures.