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Dec 6, 2013 at 4:01 am | lebron-xishoes

Turns out Nike Basketball wants to see LeBron James wearing the Nike LeBron XI just as much as we do and they are working on all cylinders to provide the fix. Nike Media Relations Director for Basketball, Brian Strong said “the LeBron 11 is one of the most innovative Nike basketball shoes to date, and we look forward to LeBron stepping back on the court in his latest signature shoe soon.” He issued the statement after the Wall Street Journal reported on James favoring the 10 over the 11 due to fit problems. Darren Rovel of ESPN followed with another article that included a response from King James himself…
“I just want to be able to wear them,” James told ESPN.com. “It has been a frustrating process. But obviously, I know that Nike wants to do what’s best. They’re not going to put me out there in harm’s way. So we’re redefining the shoe to fit what’s best for my foot. I could wear them, but they don’t feel as great as I want them to feel,” James said. “So we’re redefining them, and I feel like this next round is going to be perfect.”
Despite the shoe’s absence from LeBron’s feet, sales of them are up 18 percent compared to sales of James’ Nike shoe at this point last season as it was reported yesterday by SportsOneSource analyst Matt Powell. According to reports James is eager to get the “redefined” LEBRON 11 shoes, but Nike is not going to make changes to the retail version.

Wall Street Journal amp ESPN Report Nike Redefining LeBron 11 for LBJWall Street Journal amp ESPN Report Nike Redefining LeBron 11 for LBJWall Street Journal amp ESPN Report Nike Redefining LeBron 11 for LBJ
  • Joshua James Morales

    They need to be re designed like I said weeks ago. Take out the linerlon add max zoom air. Problem fixed.

  • John Doe

    I had said the similar thing what you said. I say change the whole thing! This shoes is terrible, I don’t care what anybody said this shoes is awesome but it’s not. I think there’s something wrong with their eyes. When I view it on the sideway, front of this shoes is slim and in the back of the shoes look fat. This shoes is 1 FUCKED UP shoes that I had ever seen.

  • Joshua James Morales

    its way way over engineered, like I said (and you) take away the lunerlon and put in max zoom bubble and poof playable

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