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Feb 10, 2014 at 2:33 pm | lebron-xishoes

The Nike LeBron 11 has been controversial, to say the least. Sure… LeBron James has some problems with the shoe, but we should be OK, right? That was the first impression. Sole Collector took some time with the review of the Nike LeBron XI, but the results are not looking good at all. Apparently it is a very good shoe on paper, but it does not work very well with the player on the basketball court. The LeBron 11 ended with a C- grade mainly due to lack of court feel, foot fatigue, extended break-in period and problems with the Zoom Air / Lunarlon drop-in midsole. Some players might not even experience these issues with the LeBron 11, but with the arising number of problems, Nike must feel the pressure to answer the call with the Elite version. Maybe instead or rising the price… we will receive and increase in customer satisfaction? I guess we’ll find out in April. There’s one player that is the most competent reviewer. His name is LeBron James. Do you feel bothered by these problems or maybe you use the Nike LeBron XI strictly for casual wear?

LEBRON 11 Performance Review @ SC
Trouble in Paradise Sole Collector Grades LeBron 11 as C in Review Show Album
  • Kano Kash

    Absolutely not the LBJ 11 is an amazing shoe I am first to say I was initially disappointed with it because of the absence of an air unit. But I gave them a shot and they have yet to disappoint me performance wise and casually. The lock down is amazing. The response is also second to none. Stops on a dime as long as the court is not dusty. Super durable you let me know when was the last time you had a sneaker that didn’t crease after a months worth of use ? Excluding foamposites which are very hard to ball in. The armorposite is the reason why the kicks are hard to break in but if you get the right size that shouldn’t even matter.
    Lebron has issues with the shoe because his feet looks like a Crocs mouth all banged up. That legit.
    But most these people bashing the sneaker have normal feet and really have no physical issues with the shoe it’s all psychological. Overall the sneaker is awesome it’s innovative and different. People will never be happy. Its either this or that.
    Remember when the nines came out and people bashed them? Now people love them? Remember when the tens came out ? People said they were bulky ugly the swoosh is backwards CWs are weak? Now they are sought after SmH
    These 11s will be the same way.
    Eventually other brands will implement things from the 11s and people will realize these were innovative and is a pioneer for the game and love and cherish them. I for one like them after I wore my first pair.

  • Jamison

    I personally have been very satisfied with the Lebron XI….I own the aways….the forging irons….the terracotta warriors….the Akron vs miamis….the Miami nights….the Christmas 11s….and the graffitis and I cannot find one negative thing to say at all about the shoe….obviously other people are satisfied as well which is why the shoe continues to sell well even though Lebron himself doesn’t wear them on a consistent basis….mainly because the are Lebrons but still….I guess opinions are like you know what….everyone has one….besides that’s just one persons opinion is how I look at it….

  • yaboysharrod

    Whoever runs this site, listen to the readers, they’re right. And like Jamison said, Sole Collector is only one opinion. I never understood why people hold certain sites or whatever in such high regard, they’re just an opinion, no different from you or mines, no more important. It’s like Rolling Stone saying “Go see this movie, it’s the best ever”. Who gives a eff what Rolling Stone says, maybe the movie was there type of movie, there type of taste. They don’t have a magical device to grade the movie a great movie as fact. I could go and see it and think it sucks. But anyway, if the shoe is a C-, I don’t think it woulda sold 300 milli. LeBron 11 shoe is the best out there, everybody knows that, period. And people need to stop making a big deal out of LeBron not wearing his 11’s on a consistent basis. As long as “i” own them and “i” wear them, i’m good. LeBron isn’t obligated to wear them every games just because it’s the newest release.

  • sharkezzy

    Wow… everybody sticking up for shoe… still haven’t bought an xi… got a bunch of x’s… waiting to see if Kings Crown guna b a GR..

  • Great inputs, guys! Sadly, not only LeBron and SC report problems with the 11’s. Hopefully, the majority of users don’t have these issues. I’m glad it’s working well for you… it’s a great shoe and it would be too bad if it was remembered as the one rejected by LeBron himself.
    Rolling Stone comments are too funny. This is not what this site is all about.
    I don’t dwell on the negative, but this is a rare case it’s obviously a problem for Nike. Also, note that the sales have stagnated a little bit too… it was $300 mil in 2012 and this season started with a 30% increase. Therefore, the final number for 2013 should be higher than $300 mil… much closer to $350 mil or even $400 mil as it was initially reported my Matt P.
    All in all… let’s all enjoy the shoes. I just hope the issues will be fixed with the Elites.

  • Romeee

    I have an issue with the XI, I wore them in a game match! I ended up slipping many times. Maybe it is my first time wearing it, first time i have that problem in a lebron shoe. I will recommend the 9’s the 6’s and zoom born ready as my Lebron go to shoes. The zoom born ready is cheaper and lighter than the 11s. It is my go to shoe for this year.

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