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May 25, 2013 at 6:35 pm | lebron-xshoes

Nike broke our hearts last season when they forgot to release the Finals edition of the LeBron 9 PS Elite. They are about to make up for it big time! The fifth colorway of the Nike LeBron X PS Elite has been kept under wraps for quite a while. Earlier this month it has appeared on Footlocker’s launch list in Australia listed as the Alternate Red/Black/Gold edition. Sources claim it’s slated for a June 22nd drop. The only question that needs to be answered before we all get way too excited is… are these just another General Release style or a Limited Edition? Right now there’s not much information to go on, but be sure to check back for updates on LeBron’s possible new Finals colorway.



Upcoming Nike LeBron X PS Elite Alternate Red Black and Gold Show Album
  • If Nike doesn’t mess it up… I’m all in!

  • JRS

    Me too… It looks like a grey solid outsole.. Will hold up longer.. Lets give it no hype so it can be a GR! These would be my first pair of elites this year.

  • Same here. I’m guessing it’s a Finals pair though so it’ll probably be limited.

  • JRS

    Apparently these might be photoshopped.. The same guy that posted these also posted fake bred denim X’s and he also recently posted pics of a watermelon elite releases 6/29 and some other colorway.. Read it on niketalk. Not sure of true tho, got to wait and see..


  • It is possible. I would be so eager here if not for this image.

    They’re real… the question is how do they look like?!

  • Yea i remember those bred denim X’s SMH they were ugly anyway IMO but i hope these are legit i would too buy my 1st pair of elites


    Well we will see what they really look like either Game 1 or 3 of the Finals when the Heat do their team unity thing by rocking all red kicks. I think my ID s that will be here in a couple weeks will probably look better


    These would be a lot more special if we werent already able to make an almost exact version on NIKEID

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