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Jan 14, 2011 at 2:02 pm | lebron-viiishoes

Jason Petrie has already shared a lot of information on the Nike LeBron 8 V2 during his facebook session earlier this week. However, Sneaker News got a chance to ask him more detailed questions regarding the design of LeBron’s current shoes, the evolution in his signature line that led to creating 3 different sneakers for one season, and the future of the LeBron line including the upcoming Post Season model and the Nike LeBron 9. Check out some bulletpoints below and be sure to read the whole thing at

  • SN: So the different stages are meant to meet LeBron’s physical needs as the season progresses?
  • JP: We just wanted the shoe to evolve with LeBron, and there’s a bunch of different ways we could’ve done it. We talked about designing a totally different shoe for each one of those stages, but as the conversation went on, we liked the notion of seeing the shoe transform or morph in front of you. Originally, we were even thinking about doing more than three shoes so you could really see the change from this kind of early season Aston Martin luxury car to something at the end of the season where it’s the total race car version of the same car at LeMans. Totally carbon-fibered, bigger, engine with more horsepower, race wheels. All that kinda good stuff, but still with the essence of that original car. So that’s one side of the genesis and that just really sprung from LeBron’s comment about there being different seasons and how he prepares. And we just wanted to see if we could break down the experience and let the shoe and the consumer change over the course of the season just like LeBron.
  • SN: Okay, so I’ve gotta ask because I know our readers want to know – every year, everyone anxiously waits for the annual Dunkman edition of the LeBron. Can you tell us which version of the 8 is getting the Dunkman treatment this year? And if that’s top secret, can you at least confirm that there is a Dunkman version of the LeBron 8 on the way?
  • JP: You know I love Dunkmans so… It won’t be Version 1 or Version 2. I can tell you that. Although that V1 sample that’s out there is pretty sick looking. There’s the Dark Grey/Black version of the V2 with a little bit of Electric Green on it, so that’s a little hint. You remember last year’s Dunkman was black and green. Well, this V2 colorway sort of hints at the Dunkman to come. That’s why you see that little bit of green on what would normally just be a black/grey shoe. It’s showing that the time is coming so… That’s about all I can give you. (Laughs)
  • SN: So how does the concept of the ?lion on the hunt? literally translate into the different versions of the shoe?
  • JP: Well, that kinda coincided with what we were talking about with breaking up the season into different parts. As we were building that story, we always look for similarities and things that are synonymous with our athletes, and of course with LeBron, it’s the lion – the king of the jungle. That’s something that he takes pride in and has become part of his identity here. So as these kind of organic discussions go on, the notion of the lion on the hunt came about and how there’s really these different parts of that hunt. So the lion is like LeBron on the hunt for that ring and its like, first the lion is stalking its prey, looking out over the savanna to see who he’s gonna go after. And next he spots it and takes off like a bullet, and it’s all straight out performance – eyes on the prize. Then finally, he sinks his claws in and gets what he’s been after – going in for the kill. It just kinda lined up perfectly with the story we were telling and what was going on on-court. And we just thought it was a cool way to deepen the story of LeBron and the notion of the lion, so each of the versions of the shoe represent those moments – the stalk, the chase and the kill.
  • SN: Maybe some type of pack with all three versions of the 8 to commemorate a championship or an MVP award?
  • JP: That’s my dream. I always wanted to do all three of them in a similar colorway so you can really see the transformation. It just depends on what happens with the season and how the shoe does. If there’s interest in that, we’ve got some ideas kickin’ around. So it may be possible, but who knows if it’ll come to life. It’s just an idea at this point, but I think it would be cool though.
The Stalk the Chase and the Kill JP Discusses Nike LeBron 8 V2