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Jan 11, 2011 at 6:36 pm | lebron-viiishoes

Yesterday, Nike Basketball held a live Facebook Q&A chat with Senior Designer Jason Petrie and Footwear Developer Benjamin Smith. The focus of the chat was the newly released Air Max LeBron 8 V/2, a next generation performance shoe with an upper comprised entirely of Flywire and mesh. Petrie answered many fan-submitted questions within the allotted hour, speaking in depth about the creative process of the LeBron 8 and V/2. Toward the end of the chat, he gave us a little teaser info regarding the rumored LeBron 8 V/3, which he described as the “going for the kill” shoe in the lion-themed trilogy. It’s a must read for all LeBron fans!

  • Black/Red Air Max LeBron 8 V/2 from the Portland game will NOT release.
  • “Entourage” / Photo Blue V/2 will be somewhat limited, but not “crazy” limited.
  • “Entourage” colorway inspired by a poster from the series.
  • The “Dunkman” shoe will not be a V/1. The pair DJ Clark Kent wore was a special sample. The “Dunkman” shoe was going to be a V/1, but plans changed.
  • Most likely will not see anymore V/1s produced.
  • Future colorways: Summit Lake, a shoe based on LeBron’s favorite TV show and “Pre-Dunkman.”
  • A “Dolphins” colorway of the V/2 was created, but probably won’t drop.
  • LeBron has the last say in colorways that actually release and is a part of the design and color process.
  • “Nike iD? We’ll see…I’d say the time is coming!”
  • “Mavericks” colorway of the V/1 will not release.
  • They had a “Dunk Contest” shoe ready for LeBron last year ‘just in case.’
  • No High School colorways of the LeBron 8. The Soldier is the team offering from the LeBron line and the signature will be exclusive to the signature athlete. This may change next season, but this is the way it is for now.
  • No “Heroes” Packs will go public.
  • Currently working on LeBron 9.
  • The new LeBron logo will debut on the LeBron 9.
  • No plans to use Lunar. Too soft for LeBron.
  • No plans for Valentine’s Day shoe.
  • No plans for a “Stewie” colorway.
Information about the rumored LeBron 8 V/3:
“As promised, there may be more to the transformation of the LeBron 8, the V2 is part of the narrative but the story is not done… The entire 8 series was inspired partially by the lion on the hunt… The stalk was V1, hungry, alert, surveying the savannah for the next meal… The chase is V2, lean, fast, muscles rippling, all out sprint after your prey… and what comes next? the KILL… All I can say is expect something you’ve never seen before and a ride/experience like no other shoe ever in LeBron’s line- in Nike’s line! Stay tuned, and I’ll be here ready to chat whenever the time comes!” – Jason Petrie
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