From the 305: Nike LeBron Colorways Inspired by Miami »

Nov 3, 2013 at 5:30 am | updates

Our friends at put together a nice piece on the South Beach inspired Nike LeBron sneakers. Obviously it was one of a few missing themes in our The Collection section, which was already under construction. Now we’ve completed the feature and present you the complete list of LeBron James’ Miami kicks dating back to 2007 when the idea of him playing in Florida was just a rumor. Continue reading for the in-post gallery or jump straight to the South Beach theme page for the complete overview. The new page has been refreshed with a new design so I’d appreciate some feedback on whether you prefer the new The Collection look or the previous version.

The Complete History of LeBron James’ South Beach Shoes
From the 305 Nike LeBron Colorways Inspired by Miami