Does a Sellout Make Shoe a Must Have Based on LeBron 11 Blackout? »

Mar 19, 2014 at 2:26 pm | lebron-xishoes

Last weekend, Nike Basketball released the Blackout colorway of the Nike LeBron XI. The availability was pretty decent in local stores, but they sold out online in just a couple of moments. For a Blackout version it’s not that easy to do. The shoes didn’t make it all the way to China nor Europe and they’re pretty hard to find right now for a General Release. Does this makes them that much hotter and suddenly it’s a must have in your collection? Most of the LeBron 11 styles are plain GRs and some believe that shoes may suffer from the broad availability. What are your most wanted items and does the availability affect the level of interest? Let us know in the comments below.

Does a Sellout Make Shoe a Must Have Based on LeBron 11 BlackoutDoes a Sellout Make Shoe a Must Have Based on LeBron 11 Blackout Show Album
  • KillerCloud7

    Black goes wit anything and feel some people buy because of that. Part of the reason I bought them as well but I also collect lebrons. If they are a limited shoe it entices, to be one of the few to have the shoe but doesn’t make me wanna buy off hype alone. The blue suede ones will be limited but I won’t buy, ugly to me!

  • Saintbud700

    If anything, I prefer when nobody cares about the shoes I want so that I don’t have to work my butt off to get them. If I like them enough I still will, but to me I just wish I could get the shoes I like and call it a day..

  • sharkezzy

    Im with saint… went into htwn HoH and pickd up in evening on release day… last 11.5… 1st xi’s I got bcuz all the other colorways (besides NOLA) ugly imo.. these r OK, and they match. So not to bad.. I wouldnt have been to upset if they didnt have em tho.. coulda saved me sum yungg mulaa bayyyba

  • JoRo92

    I purchased these at our local footlocker the day of release and all I can say is wow! I’ve always been a fan of Lebron and these things are awesome! The color ways before this didnt really catch my attention besides the graffiti ones and I was a little dissapointed this year especially with the price!!! Once I saw these were releasing they were a must have! I also happen to be a fan of Black and white color shoes anyways. People were walking out of the store with Boxe(s) litterally and I was getting nerves wondering if I’ll get my pair and thankfully I did!

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