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Feb 20, 2014 at 8:59 pm | lebron-xishoes

The upcoming Nike LeBron XI P.S. Elite strikes again. Today we get a detailed look at the recently revealed colorways, but from another angle. This time we get to see the front of the shoes, which shows the Nike LeBron logo on the top of the tongue. One of the pairs… the Red, Teal and Black (which is rumored to by the 2K14 edition… which is totally not confirmed) has a different logo with a diamond graphic. Additionally, the second shot provides us with the outsole pattern, which has been completely redesigned for the Elite version. For me, it looks like a soccer ball with a big LeBron James signature in the heel. Stay tuned for more LEBRON 11 Elite info once available. Hopefully, the rumors about reaching the $300 price tag are not true!

Another Teaser Look at Nike LeBron XI PS Elite Upcoming StylesAnother Teaser Look at Nike LeBron XI PS Elite Upcoming Styles Show Album
  • Sean

    If you think about it, the 2K version only went for $250 I believe so I don’t think these shoes should reach $300

  • dakid973

    The 9s where the best elites the 10s are second and these are the worst every year they decline :(

  • nosreme

    they decline in design, but in performance they improve (so far)

  • dakid973

    That may be true but honestly if im paying 200 plus for shoes I want to keep them as nice as I can. I wear lebrons for fasion and when they get messed up then I might ball in them. I personally think the 360 bubble was the most comfortable to play in what about you I had the 8s and the 7s? I havent played in my 11s yet I just got the gator kings and I dont plan on going on court with them anytime soon

  • Yeah… I agree about the colorways. Last year they were so loud. Black/Gold 9’s were the truth!

    This year colorways are better, but I need to see them in person to examine this Elite product for myself.

  • ?Damoiseau L’XÉ

    Really like ’em.

    There is something of South Beach on red/infrared/pink ones for me. Insta cop if they’ll come in Europe.

    Like the Grey ones too, especially the outsole.

  • Kano Kash

    The regular nines were better than the elite imo
    The X elite was better than the regular X IMO
    And It seems like the regular 11 is gonna look better than the elite this year as well.
    Last years elite colorway were loud as they should have it was summer time. Nike was so generous and gave us a nike id option if you didn’t like loud. For a premium of course.
    This years elites colorway are not too convincing hopefully there is more coming

  • dakid973

    The colors did not compliment the carbon fiber well last year. The best elite colorway where the homes imo. I feel the elite colors should be limited as they have always been and like you said the nike id shoud be an option for people who want a different flavor

  • Kano Kash

    Nike doesn’t care what you or I think tho
    There are going to put out what they think is marketable. And sometimes we don’t initially agree with tthem.but how many times have you said I aint feeling these and then closer to release they start “growing” on you ? Honestly to me it happens plenty of times. Look like nike heard you about the carbon fiber not going well because it seems like they have gotten rid of it this year and replaced it with cheap metal.

  • dakid973

    I think its really plastic lmao nike with there prices and questionable material choice is a bigger deal than there colors but I personally would cop the exts with the plastic material before I get the elites. I will be interested in how the kd elites look this year more I would say I hope they put out a better model than these ones especially since kobes line skiped the line and went strait to elite this year. What do you guys think will this be the year that kd elites outshine lebron elites?

  • dakid973

    *correction just saw a sample of the kd elite and I like them better def cop for me though they do remind me of the lebron 10 low they are way less bulky which I like. Google kd 6 elite of you havent already seeb them

  • Jamison

    From what I’ve been told they will retail for $275….the Wolf Grey/Crimson-Cool Grey-Black pair come out April 11th….the Crimson/Black-Green pair come out May 9th….and the Black/Metallic Gold-Mango-White pair come out June 6th….but you know how Nike always changes things :)

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