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Apr 14, 2013 at 3:09 am | lebron-xishoes

With the Nike LeBron PS Elite about to launch in less than a week, let’s take a peek into the future. Some early tech specs have already been leaked regarding the Nike LeBron XI. As usual, we’re looking at the October 2013 release with 5 colorways planned for the initial drop. This includes a couple of energy styles like a Jungle themed make up and the Mark XI (Iron Man inspired) in a Metal Blue color. Have fun decoding the styles below. They seem to be very interesting. As for the technical specification the 360 Max Zoom unit will still be in place, but it will be accompanied by a Lunarlon midsole. A new rendition of Foamposite will makes its debut, which has been dubbed Armorposite. Dynamic Flywire will be used once again and these are said to be the lightest LeBron signatures to date at about 14oz (excluding the Soldiers). Now for the bad news… the retail price is reportedly set at $200! It’s possible this is gonna apply to the standard version unlike this season when it was exactly that much for the Nike+ enabled model. This means we’re looking at a $20 increase in price. Feel free to share your thoughts on the Nike LeBron XI in the comments below and take a quick poll after the break.



Nike LeBron XI 11 8211 Tech Specs Colorways and Price
  • I won’t make judgement until I see them in a few months when actual photos are leaked.

  • jwill22

    i agree brotha

  • Making them lighter is definitely the right way to go. Hopefully they will succeeded this time because it’s not the first time Nike says that. I am also very curious about the Armorposite.

  • Lighter isn’t better if they’re sacrificing protection and stability though. Look at Kobe. If he was wearing actual basketball shoes instead of these new style that don’t offer any ankle and achilles support, maybe he doesn’t go down.

  • sranyboi

    $200 dollars come on man no shoes is worth that already got kids killing over Jordan’s what’s next????

  • mjnnaz94

    You clearly know nothing about the anatomy of the leg if you think that injury was caused by the shoes. The achilles isn’t affected by the height of the shoe, its controlled by the stability of the heel clip, and although I don’t like the kobe series, their heel lockdown/support is among the best. Stop wrongly blaming injuries on shoes.

  • mjnnaz94

    1st impression: Sounds great techwise- curious about the armorposite, weight and the iron man edition

    2nd: this pricing needs to stop.

  • Hate to break it to you but all of the elements of the foot and lower leg are connected and related to one another. An achilles injury is very rarely a one-time occurrence. It is typically due to degradation over time. This is one of the reasons it typically happens to older players and not younger players. Because their achilles wears down over years. That’s also why so many people are questioning Kobe’s ability to return for such an injury. He’d have a better chance to return from a knee injury than a torn achilles. However, ankle support can help stabilize your entire ankle and foot and remove pressure from the heel. By removing stress from the heel you’re actually helping prevent achilles problems like tendonitis in the achilles and even tears and ruptures in the achilles. So yes, I know quite a bit about anatomy. Maybe instead of reading the crap Nike tells sneakerheads to convince them that ankle support is overrated you should take some anatomy and health classes.

  • Guest

    Also, I never “blamed” the shoes. In addition to learning about anatomy learn a thing or two about grammar. I said, and I quote, “If he was wearing actual basketball shoes instead of these new style that don’t offer any ankle and achilles support, maybe he doesn’t go down”. The key word being “MAYBE”. We don’t know exactly what factored into his injury. Did these extended minutes recently play a role is not allowing his body to heal? Nobody knows. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. That statement doesn’t mean I’m blaming his injury on the extended minutes. It means I’m open to the possibility.


    The $200 price is bullshit. When will they stop? On a better note my biddy who is not a Lebron fan or Lebron shoe fan says these are pretty impressive. He was involved in a photo shoot with the Lebron XI just recently.

  • mjnnaz94

    As a graduating pre-med and kinesiology double major, I’m not listening to the ‘nike crap’. Ankle support doesn’t necessarily mean a high collar, look at soccer players, they put enormous pressure on their ankles in very low cut shoes thanks to better traction and heel support, same as tennis players. The injury isn’t caused by the shoe, I’m not calling you out, I’m just frustrated by the amount of people who are wrongly correlating injuries with shoes, for example, everyone claiming adidas was to blame for the D-rose/shumpert injuries.

  • I understand that. Like I said, I’m not blaming the shoes. I was just saying that I’m open to the possibility just like I’m open to the possibility of the extended minutes playing a role. Personally, I can’t play basketball in low cut shoes like that because they don’t give me enough support. I have more of a power game like LeBron, well not “like” LeBron lol but you know what I mean, so I need a little more high ankle support. Kobe, Durant too, is more slender so maybe that doesn’t matter as much. I wouldn’t personally know.

  • damn lebron lower the fuckin price its just a shoe it should be like 165

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  • JULY

    eveytime they make another lebron shoe, the price is getting higher!!!! wa are not too rich as what you think!!! just put it back to the standard price ($160/$180).. you’re making the shoe more lighter so the lesser the material you used but the price is going higher ang HIGHEEEEER!!!!! we can’t just easily afford it!!!!

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  • Mr.Cool VanData

    im getting them who’s with me!?????????????

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  • Bomber91

    lucky u guys get prices like that canada u gotta pay 300$

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