Another Look at Nike LeBron XI. Classic Black and Red. »

May 20, 2013 at 6:27 pm | lebron-xishoes

It has been less than 24 hours, but it’s already the third look and the third different colorway of the new LeBron James signature shoe – the Nike LeBron XI. After previews of the Teal/Pink and Army Slate colorways, this time we go back to the classic Black and Red edition. Looks like it’s the 3rd out of 5 styles to be released around October as we’re looking at the potential 616175-001 Black/Metallic Silver/University Red make up. Enjoy the new look and stay tuned for more updates. Click here for all news on the new LeBron 11. Photo via @d9reserve.



Another Look at Nike LeBron XI Classic Black and Red
  • Definitely my least favorite of the three colorways so far. The other two looked modern and futuristic. These look cheap, imo.

  • Christian

    bruce i have to disagree with you for the first time ever really..i just think the white swoosh pops on the black and the red looks rich and pops nice aswell..idk this is coming from someone whos not a black/red shoe fan usually..these would of looked horrible if the swoosh was red too..idkk

  • The white swoosh is a definite must, I agree there. I don’t know, it may just be the photo or something. It wouldn’t be the first time. I’m just not a big fan. I LOVE the Army ones and even the teal ones look pretty sick. These are the first I’m not liking. Then again I wasn’t a huge fan of the Pressure X’s and now they’re my favorite in the X’s.

  • The Army Colorway is the best so far for me. Loving the XI already. Can’t wait to see 360 view of the shoe.

  • Christian

    thats crazy the pressures were my least favorite 10s but now that silver swoosh and icy bottom with the silver lion lace lock…its a favorite of mine lol but the army colorway does take this shoe to a whole different level i love it..any idea wich will be the first color to drop? i already know i will be coppin them all lol

  • The silver swoosh and lace lock were nice but my favorite thing about the Pressures is the red speck in the black upper. You can’t see it in any of the pictures so I thought it was a little bland at first but when I saw them in person you could really see the red speckle pop. Not sure which will be the first though. Judging by past years, I’d say we’ll see a China pair drop early and these will probably drop pretty early as well as Breds are normally some of the first to become available. I’ve purchased 12 X’s so far and the XI’s might be even nicer so I’ll be saving up, lol.

  • With this CW i must say i’m not at all a fan of the 11 so far

  • Christian

    that red speckle on the upper was definatley dope..some sneaker collector on youtube kastertroy talks about that..very nice touch…and i definatley must say my favorite lebron since the iv…i own 11 xs not counting the elite superheros and the elite blkwhitegold joints…but these XI’s will be killin my bank lol

  • birdman

    These shoes look like Tony Stark would be wearing in Iron Man. Im really interested in how they will interpret the lows in this design.

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