Will Zoom Soldier III Take Down the Hyperdunk? »

Mar 9, 2009 at 3:10 pm | shoeszoom-soldier-iii

I’m sure everybody is familiar with the myth that all LeBron shoes are heavy. For a very long time that statement seemed to be true. However, Nike came back and advertised the latest installment of the Zoom LeBron series – The Six – as the lightest sneaker since the Air Zoom Generation. No, they did not lie. Although just by looking at the shoe many think it’s bulky and heavy, they feel great on the hardwood and our tests and the review proved it’s all true. Looks like Nike will continue to push the envelope. According to our friends at kenlu.net, the sample version of the upcoming Nike Zoom Soldier III – which is a part of King’s Playoffs line – weigths 380 grams (13.40 oz.) in size 9. That is the same level as the Hyperdunk(!), whose tagline reads “lightest and strongest basketball shoe ever!” Which shoe will be lighter doesn’t really matter, cause the difference will be marginal. But if Nike provides the ZS3 as light as the HD and eliminates its major flaws – bottoming out Lunar Foam and poor traction – then we need to prepare to experience something very, very special. All I can say now is I didn’t see that coming! Suddenly I can’t wait till the premiere of the Nike Zoom Soldier III, which is scheduled to be released in April.

Will Zoom Soldier III Take Down the Hyperdunk