PE Spotlight: Nike Air Max Soldier V (5) “Fairfax” Away »

Jan 10, 2012 at 6:52 pm | air-max-soldier-vshoes

The Nike Soldier V has been out for a while now, even the Team version, but we still haven’t seen any PEs apart from the SVSM Away. Last year, Nike went on a spree by issuing 5 CTK styles, 4 SVSM styles, 3 Fairfax styles and 2 OSU styles. These are the ones we know of, of course. Turns out the Fairfax Lions basketball team is already using their latest Nike Air Max Soldier V’s in Home games, but the presented below colorway is the Away eidtion. Fairfax has been always my favorite among all Nike LeBron school styles, mainly due to the bad-ass Away make ups like the one posted below. Thanks to justinamazing1 for sending his photo!

PE Spotlight Nike Air Max Soldier V 5 8220Fairfax8221 Away Show Album