Nike LeBron X “Prism” Drops on LBJ’s Birthday for $180 »

Dec 5, 2012 at 3:05 pm | lebron-xshoes

It’s been a while since we offered you the first look at the Nike LeBron X “Prism”. Right now we know a little more about the shoes and we also get some new pics. The Prisms are scheduled to drop on December 30th, same as LeBron James’ 28th birthday. According to the the shoe industry’s counter intelligence site, this is an artist collaboration shoe and the color backstory starts with a map key-like prism diamond graphic on the medial heel panel. Obviously, the diamond theme shared among most X’s is still present here as the Prisms display all the colors reflected in a diamond.

541100-004 Black/Strata Grey
Nike LeBron X 8220Prism8221 Drops on LBJ8217s Birthday for 180Nike LeBron X 8220Prism8221 Drops on LBJ8217s Birthday for 180Nike LeBron X 8220Prism8221 Drops on LBJ8217s Birthday for 180 Show Album
  • I decided to go with the Carbons instead of these. These look cool but I would’ve loved if the upper was a color other than black.

  • mjnnaz94

    So like freegums for the 10? (artist-inspired)

  • Also, I would like a non-white midsole.

  • jwill22

    yea pretty much.. i didnt even think of that! its probably gunna be a trend with the upcoming years..good asumption tho..i wish they had more pop to them.. and the black is too mediocre.. they should have went with a more glossy white

  • Yeah, if it was black upper with black mid-soles I would’ve probably gone for these instead of the carbon. I liked jwill22’s idea too. A glossy white upper would’ve been real nice.

  • I’m cool with the Black/White upper it’s the mid sole that’s killing me


    Yup white midsole kinda kills this shoe. Coulda been sooo much better

  • would of copped if nike+ enabled!

  • Noell

    Where can i buy these

  • ive got this but it was accidentally pierced by a wire and the sole got flatten.. how can i fix the problem? please help

  • joshua

    do you want to buy mine? size US 10.5.. 20% off

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