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Jan 1, 2014 at 2:18 pm | lebron-xishoes

Here’s a new look at Men’s version of the Nike LeBron XI BHM. The shoes are expected to be released in the upcoming weeks (late January / early February), however, there’s no exact date given yet. We do have the proper style code for the Black History Month XI’s, which reads 646702-001 Anthracite/Metallic Gold-Purple Venom. Moreover, the new pics unveil an additional pair of Purple laces and the lacelock. Hopefully this doesn’t mean we have to pay $250 instead of $200 similar to the Forging Iron limited release. Stay tuned for updates on all LEBRON 11 styles.



646702-001 Anthracite/Metallic Gold-Purple Venom
New Pics  Upcoming 8220Black History Month8221 Nike LeBron 11New Pics  Upcoming 8220Black History Month8221 Nike LeBron 11 Show Album
  • sports23fan22

    Real nice looking shoe… too bad it represents a racist month.

  • Kano Kash

    You are so ignorant
    black history month is to create awarness of black history. You don’t see Lynch mobs hunting Black folks.
    ignorance is not a virtue

  • Kano Kash

    These are a must cop for me
    love the CW

  • sports23fan22

    So it’s to “create awareness of black history”? So we’d all just forget otherwise? That’s just ridiculous. All it does is continue to give special treatment and attention to the black community. Last time I checked, equality doesn’t include special treatment.

  • John smith

    A racist month lmao, the stupidity in this world never gets old. You can always find someone saying something new.

  • sports23fan22

    And you can always find someone criticizing someone else without actually giving reason or logic.

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