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Aug 4, 2007 at 2:08 am | stuff

It began with All-Business, Athlete, Wise and Kid LeBron, but now its time for NBA LeBron! Highly anticipated releases set to drop Monday the 6th to Platinum Club members and Tuesday the 7th to the general public. Don’t miss out! LeBron, the athlete that started it all, finally gets the NBA treatment! The All-Star Vinyl line got its start with LeBron and the unique series of four figures based on his Nike Ad campaign. This time around, LeBron is now geared up for official NBA play as All-Star Vinyl presents a new LeBron sculpt featured in both the road red and home white Cavs Jerseys, and the highly coveted black edition sub-series variant. These new figs will officially drop on Tuesday August 7th at 9:23 a.m. PT to the general public.

Black Edition, limited to 250
Cleveland Cavaliers Away, limited to 1,500 Cleveland Cavaliers Home, limited to 500
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For the first time ever, Platinum Club members will be given a special 24-hour advance window to purchase beginning on Monday August 6th at 9:23 a.m. PT. The special black edition figure will be offered in a unique 3-pack containing both the home and road versions as well. Like previous releases, there will also be a 2-pack of home and road versions and in this case a single road offering as well (since the red road Cavs jersey tends to be the most popular of the two). Be sure to log in early to snag what is anticipated to be one of the hottest ASV releases of the year.

New LeBron AllStar Vinyls from Upper DeckNew LeBron AllStar Vinyls from Upper DeckNew LeBron AllStar Vinyls from Upper DeckNew LeBron AllStar Vinyls from Upper Deck