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Oct 22, 2008 at 3:41 am | lebron-iiishoes

Let’s catch up with The LEBRONS as we try to present all four characters and all three Vinyl sets that were released by Upper Deck. Also, check out the other pages of this post (links below) as we bring back the first edition of the LEBRONS shoes (Zoom LeBron III). Enjoy! Wise LeBron – By far the best dancer of the bunch, Wise LeBron is known to cut a rug to Super Freak by Rick James (no relation). As the patriarch of the house, Wise LeBron is one part teacher, one part preacher. He keeps his suspenders high on the fiber flowin’. Kid LeBron – Notorious for his extreme candy habit and love for practical jokes, Kid LeBron has a hard enough time passing the butter, let alone the ball. Also known for his love of professional wrestling, Kis is known to drop a soaring axe-handle from the top rope on unsuspecting victims. Athlete LeBron – From droppin’ dimes, to rackin’ up boards, to scorin’ baskets, Athlete LeBron could rock a triple-double blind-folded with one arm ties behind his back. Business LeBron – ‘Fro tight, lookin’ fly, with creases in his slacks that can cut stone, All-Business LeBron is famous for his smooth walk and silky talk. His only flaw is his tendency to leave grease spots on the couch.

By the way… here are some of “The LEBRONS” commercials from both seasons (ZLIII and ZLIV):

Meet The LeBrons 8211 Kid Athlete Wise and BusinessMeet The LeBrons 8211 Kid Athlete Wise and BusinessMeet The LeBrons 8211 Kid Athlete Wise and Business Show Album
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