LeBron James and “The LeBrons” Fiasco at Next in Cleveland »

Oct 27, 2008 at 2:02 am | eventslebron-james

All the releases of The LeBrons went smoothly on Saturday. Apart from the serious camping going on all went as planned. However, on Sunday, in Cleveland – LeBron’s home city – things did not go well. It was supposed to be special, cause LeBron James was expected to make an appearance at the Next. He did, it was special, but for a whole another reason. Please read this story posted by KDogLBJ23 and you be the judge of this weird behavior from King James…

Well, I just got settled in from the Lebron VI event in Cleveland, Oh at Next. What a joke it was. I was 9th in line and didn’t get my size in any of the shoes. Within the first 10 people there was only one other guy and myself that needed a size 12 or higher. So we thought we were good. Think again! Right before they let us in to buy the shoes we find out Lebron has had the staff pull 14 pairs of the 100 that were advertised and supposed to be sold. They pulled all the size 8’s, all the size 12’s, all the size 13’s, and all the size 15’s. Needless to say that they first guy in line didn’t even get the size 12 that he was wanting because this a**hole decided to screw his fans again. There were a ton of pissed off people and they even let two people in before all of us that never waited in line that purchased shoes.
To all who don’t believe me…. you know nothing beacuse you were not there. This is not a story at all. This is the truth. First off I never even saw Lebron and I’m not sure if he ever showed up. They said (the store) he asked for the shoes to be pulled. I also heard that the guy’s from 881 tried to pull more pairs while the event took place. The FIRST guy walked in and they didn’t have a size 8, 12, 13, or 15 in any of the sizes. Is that proof enough? To be honest I was not there to see Lebron. I was there for my one pair of shoes in my size. I talked to the 2 Nike reps onsite about the situation and expressed the way I felt about how things went down. I wasn’t a jerk i just let them know that it wasn’t right. She was willing to listen and asked if she could get my contact info. I gave her my business card with my email and cell # on it along with my size. Now I am just wondering if I will get a call or if that card made it to the bottom of the trash can outside the store. I’ll probably go with the trash can version.
NEXT’s Response:
Once again, Next would like to thank all those people who came out to support the event. Especially those people who endured the cold and camped out the night before the event. I understand that there is some disappointment that not all 100 units were available at the time of the release. Unfortunately, Nike had a last minute request for 16 units(4 sets) of shoes that they had to remove from our allocation. It was not something that had been planned, nor was it something that we at Next could control. I understand that some of you were not able to get a shoe because of this, and for that we apologize. Again, it was not something that we at Next could control. Despite that, we hope everyone had an enjoyable time.
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