King James Wears BHM Nike LeBron Shoes… Soldier 7, not LeBron 11. »

Jan 21, 2014 at 11:45 am | lebron-jamesnba-basketball

Last night, King James scored a game-high 30 to lead the Miami Heat in a loosing effort against the Atlanta Hawks. LeBron James did what LeBron James does with the game on the line in the fourth quarter. He nailed back-to-back 3-pointers to turn a 104-101 deficit into a 107-104 lead. But with the large Miami contingent in Philips roaring, in celebration of the Heat’s largest lead of the game, the Hawks went on a 10-1 run over the next 3:25 to take a 114-108 lead. James sported a new look with the Black History Month version of the Nike Soldier VII. He wore the “BHM” LeBron 11 during the pre-game practice, but opted for the Soldiers in the actual game. It’s been a while since he saw LBJ in the 11’s…

King James Wears BHM Nike LeBron Shoes8230 Soldier 7 not LeBron 11King James Wears BHM Nike LeBron Shoes8230 Soldier 7 not LeBron 11King James Wears BHM Nike LeBron Shoes8230 Soldier 7 not LeBron 11King James Wears BHM Nike LeBron Shoes8230 Soldier 7 not LeBron 11 Show Album
  • Kuku Rukaphu

    Nike should release the XI elite, or probably just stop selling them…

  • Mike

    He played in LeBron XI for first 4 mins before 1st timeout took by Erick Spoelstra.. Did u watch the game?

  • horde

    im just curious why he is still having issues with the shoes or does he not like the 11s

  • Joshua James Morales

    they need to just change the foot bed! make it air max zoom!!!!!!! lunerlon is not for everyone, if you 200+ pound that is not good to ball in!

  • Kano Kash

    He wore them for about 3 to 4 minutes and switched
    it you didn’t eye his feet you wouldn’t notice

  • Thanks for pointing that out! He did wear the 11’s in the first couple minutes, however, there are no pics that show it. I will update the timeline accordingly!

  • Joshua James Morales

    The 11 will be the worst ever of his shoe line. I love the shoe just not lunarlon. it’s not for basketball or a player his size

  • sports23fan22

    This is really getting old.

  • verse

    whats ur email? i can email you the pic of lebron wearing the XI BHM but during the warm up tho.

  • A Big Guy with lots of shoes.

    Well, you don’t have a clue whats going on.

    First, the LeBron XI isn’t the only shoe that uses lunarlon for cushion.
    The Hyperdunk 2012-13, (worn players bigger and smaller than LeBron. Kyrie Irving and Marc Gasol to name a few)
    The Kobe 8 (which uses nothing but lunarlon, worn by lots of players.)

    The Lunar Hypergamer ( the low was worn by James Harden and others last year.)
    all use lunarlon as cushioning, so that not is the problem.

    Second, the LeBron XI just doesn’t use Lunarlon as cushioning.
    Its a combo Lunarlon and Zoom Air. So cushion is not what is effecting him.

    Third. what is the problem….. No one knows.
    LeBron said himself the shoe isn’t the main problem, and that he is the only one with this “problem.”

    My GUESS is the build of the shoe is the problem for him.

    If you didn’t know, LeBron has some “rough” feet.
    And if you have never worn or played in a shoe that uses foamposite for its upper, then you wouldn’t know that you need to break them in.

    Foamposite is very stiff and hard when new. And after breaking them in they mold to your foot shape. Which can take some time to do.

    And if you wear a new pair every few games like LeBron, I GUESS that stuff is eating his feet up!

    As I said no one knows what LeBrons real problem is with the shoe. But I highly doubt that lunarlon is the problem.

    Fourth, The worst of his line? Nahhh.. any one can wear the LBJXI and be fine. Others and I think that this (the LeBron XI) is his best model to date.
    And lunarlon is for basketball, I haven’t had any problems with it. Nor have any of the Nike Basketball Athletes.

  • Joshua James Morales

    Just saying lunarlon is not for everyone, and he has yet to say what is really the problem. I know about the other shoes with lunarlon. I dont care for them on the court and know others who dont like them. also I KNOW it has full length zoom air lol but when you wear the lunar for the first few uses it hurts your feet and LeBron likes to wear many different shoe color ways through out the season. What he should do, is break in one lunar insole and just switch it to other color ways when he wants.

  • A Big Guy with lots of shoes.

    Lol what? Can you name one person that didn’t like the Nike Hyperdunk 2013? It has only lunarlon as its cushioning, and is the the MOST WORN in the NBA!

    And what are you talking about? Lunarlon takes NO TIME to break in!
    Thats where “Lunarlon” comes from ; its a mix of Lunar and Pylon. Which doesn’t hurt at all!

    Hurts your feet? Have you even worn a shoe with lunar? Its super soft! It doesn’t hurt! Lunar by its self was almost to soft and didn’t last very long before it bottomed out.

    Dude its not the cushion that is the problem.

    LOTS of shoe use lunar (The Kobe IV one of the best basketball shoes of all time!) and lunarlon and work fine!

    So its not the lunar insole. If it was, don’t you think that Nike would just make LeBron a custom insole just for him?

    They did it with the LeBron IV right? And his pairs aren’t like the kind you get at footlocker anyways.

    If lunarlon was the problem a quick Pylon swap would fix that.

    Right? Wait… didn’t they already “fix” the XI for him?

    So its not the insole or the cushioning that is the problem.

    I think LeBron James is the “problem”. He just has bad feet. And Bad Feet + Foamposite = Pain.

    Like the LBJIV, the XI I just a shoe LeBron can’t wear.

    And why can other guys wear the XI and be fine?

    Demarcus Cousins, Markieff Morris, P.J. Tucker, Wilson Chandler, J.J. Hickson, (just to name a few off the top of my head.) all have worn the XI in IDs or Released colorways and didn’t have any problems with the insole.

    (and don’t say “they had custom insoles!” more than likely they didn’t.)


    It’s just Foamposite + LeBron’s Toes (lol) = Him in pain.

    I bet they remove some of the Foamposite from around the toe of the LeBron XI.

    “They already did, look at the toe box of the XI elite. See how the removed foamposite from the lateral side of the shoe.”

    So the “Lunarlon” and The Insole isn’t the problem.

    And do you even play ball?

  • serstylz2

    Wish these would drop

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