It’s true! LeBron’s Sixth Signature Sneaker is Light! »

Nov 11, 2008 at 3:50 am | lebron-vishoes

Since always, well after the AZG, LeBrons’ biggest issue has been the weight. Simply put LeBrons are heavy and everybody knows that. Each year as LeBron beefs up, his shoes need to keep up with his unbelievable frame. We are used to hearing about the 240 lbs./6’8″ phenomenon, but last year LeBron James was listed as a 250-pounder when actually he was closer to 260 (his and ESPN profile still reads 6-8/250). However, one week ago King James was weighted in at 274 pounds! TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-FOUR POUNDS!!! According to Jon Barry, who mentioned it on Mike Tirico’s radio show, it was 274 with 5% Bodyfat. That’s insane.

When he came into the league six years ago, James weighed 240 pounds and currently the roster lists him at 250. But last season James let it slip that he was 260, though he quickly took it back after the statement raised eyebrows. Playing power forward for Team USA and now for the Cavs, it would seem reasonable that James bulked up a bit in preparation, though maybe not to more than 270. It doesn’t seem to be slowing him down and his body fat is around 5 percent. But James is admitting nothing. “What, 270? No, that’s not true,” James said. “It’s a rumor, I don’t like rumors.” Anyway back to the shoes. Most of us already got used to the fact that Nike LeBron shoes are made for The King and in order to fully support him there needs to be a little extra bulk. Fortunately, the designers at Nike are also listening to users’ complaints and they have decided to do something about it. After all, they clearly focused on the casual properties this year so they shaved off a few ounces. See the Weightionary for the numbers, but we will update it again once we get the regular Black/White/Red version in size 10. Also, we added some more non-LeBron shoes there.

It8217s true LeBron8217s Sixth Signature Sneaker is Light