DNA of LeBron James: Vision – Mind – Voice – Heart »

Nov 6, 2008 at 5:48 pm | lebron-jameslifestyle

Check out this new video feature posted on NikeBasketball.com – DNA of LeBron James: Vision – He sees things happen before they happen. When he drives and is hemmed in inside the lane, he is always able to kick out to the open man. Teammates know they have to be ready because LeBron’s passes can thread the needle and arrive in their hands when they least expect it. It’s a trait usually reserved for point guards. Mind – He has an unusually high basketball I.Q. for someone so young. He has a knack for learning from mistakes and making adjustments on the fly. Always a student of the game, LeBron loves to study game film to help him break defenders down. Experts say he’s like having another coach on the court. Voice – He uses his power of communication to direct teammates on the floor and hold the squad together. He knows when to be playful, provide words of inspiration–and yes–he knows when to get in someone’s face. During his short stints on the sideline, he’s the ultimate cheerleader, yelling, fist-dapping, bumping chests and waving towels. Heart – Teammates love playing with him because he’s not some prima donna superstar who won’t hustle. Loose balls? He goes after them headfirst. And he never shies away from taking a hard foul when he drives to the hole. His passion starts with his pregame chalk dust routine. And doesn’t stop until he chases down the final rebound.

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