Basketball kicks sales report for the 2006 »

Apr 15, 2007 at 7:24 am | stuff

This information comes from the National Basketball Footwear Top Sellers report. It contains all the 2006 sales ending 01/07/07. Jordan Brand slots 19 of the Top 20 but there are also few Nike LeBron appearances. Please note that most of the LeBrons release dates are in the end of each year. For example in 2006 Zoom LeBron IV is considered to be only during 45 days since 11/16/2006. Despite this short time range ZLIV was placed no. 35 selling 50,275 shoes for a $143.42 average. The report also contains a couple of Zoom LeBron III releases the ones that were released in 2006: white/navy/silver and black/black/gold. The first one was placed no. 27 [72,071 units, $118.24 avg. price] and the second got spot no. 51 [48,543 units, $119.20 avg. price]. See all the stats below [position, description, colorway, total amount, units sold, average price] :

  • 27. M ZOOM LEBRON III WHT/NVY/MTSLV $8,521,748 72,071 $118.24
  • 35. M ZOOM LEBRON IV BLK/WHT/RED $7,210,688 50,275 $143.42
  • 51. M ZOOM LEBRON III BLK/BLK/GLD $5,786,224 48,543 $119.20

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