ALPHAPROJECT’s Nike Jump vs. Jason Petrie’s LeBron 13 »

Sep 30, 2015 at 9:51 am | lebron-xiiishoes

Before Jason Petrie joined forces with Nike and long before he was made the lead designed on Nike LeBron shoes he went by ALPHAPROJECT, which was also his handle on NikeTalk.

Petrie used to go side by side with LeBron James doing the unveilings, interviews, and commercials, however, 3 years ago in a moment of poor judgement he made some personal comments blaming Adidas for Derrick Rose’s leg injury. Since then he has been kept out of the spotlight and we miss him deeply.

Jason used to share his designs on sneaker forums before the era of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and @krvanch dug up the archives and found this… the Nike Jump project. The design is over 10 years old, but has a lot in common with LeBron’s latest signature shoe including the “clover” stability wing that’s probably the most recognizable piece of the current design. WOW.

ALPHAPROJECTs Nike Jump vs Jason Petries LeBron 13 ALPHAPROJECTs Nike Jump vs Jason Petries LeBron 13 From LeBron 13 Show Album