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Mar 21, 2010 at 11:59 pm | updates

First of all, I do apologize for this post going online so late, but I wanted to make sure everything is 100% ready. That’s right is 3 years old. Of course, we’ve been around LeBron’s kicks much longer, but exactly three years ago we launched this new domain. Let’s not dwell on the past though and embrace the future. As a small gift to our faithful readers we’ve prepared a new featured called The Collection. Photos are our #1 thing. We love shoes & photography here at It’s no secret, we host thousands of photos presenting LeBron James’ signature shoes. However, this time, we breakdown the most popular LBJ themes and deliver them in a clean and straight forward way. Akron, OSU, and SVSM go first. Hope you like it. Keep checking back for updates as more pages will be unveiled soon. Thanks to all our readers, Nike friends, and of course the main man making the magic happen – LeBron James. Cheers!

The Collection 8211 Nike LeBron Themes NLBnet is 3 Years Old
  • Natedogg

    Congratulations. keep up the good work

  • dOubleO

    Congratulations on the your 3rd year Greg!!!

    Love the school theme series.

    Next up CTK and Fairfax?

  • [quote comment=”48663″]Congratulations on the your 3rd year Greg!!!

    Love the school theme series.

    Next up CTK and Fairfax?[/quote]

    Thanks Joon!

    That was the plan, but photos of Fairfax’s and CTK’s are impossible to find. I might break it off with Dunkman and other series first.

  • oneonenine

    Congrats Greg!

    can we please get an Oregon spot too though?
    you know since UK has a link….

    Thanks, keep it up!

  • Nate

    Congrats! Keep the good work up-this is a great site

  • jr_lyon

    Congrats!!!! This is by far my favorite Lebron site on the net!!!!! I visit a few times a day!!! Thank you and keep up the superior work!

  • Tomas

    Congrats Greg

    thanks as always

  • 4DRUMZ


  • L23z

    Congrats! Nike LeBron is an awesome website :mrgreen:

  • visrael

    Congrats Greg! Can’t believe it’s been 3 years!
    Great idea on the Lebron Themes…how ’bout adding the China’s?

  • Congrats homie! Ima fan!

  • mOe23

    Congrats Greg :!: :!: it’s been awhile since that 3 years. No doubt, for me this is the best site for solid LeBron James fan outhere. I never miss surfing the net w/o visiting NLB! :mrgreen:

  • KDogLBJ23

    Congrats Greg! One of the top Lebron sites online!

  • Thanks for all the love! I really appreciate it :)

    Alberto & Vince… Oregon and Chinas will be added for sure.

  • NeDe23

    Congrats! Love the website…always helpful…Keep up the work!

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