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The third installment of the Zoom LBJ Ambassador line is already available in Asia in several colorways. Today we take a closer look at last year’s model as detailed photos showing the Summit Lake Hornets version have finally surfaced. The Zoom LBJ Ambassador II may be less appealing in comparison the III, but there were some nice colorways released including the one presented below. The SLH theme is a tribute to LeBron James’ childhood basketball team.

375508-041 Black/Neptun Blue-Varsity Purple
nike zoom lbj ambassador 2 gr aqua purple 2 01 Nike Zoom LBJ Ambassador II Summit Lake Hornets Detailed Pics
From Nike Zoom LeB…
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Oct 20, 2010 at 5:45 pm | nike-lebron-shoeszoom-lbj-ambassador-ii

The Zoom LBJ Ambassador II has been released in seven different colorways already. Today we would like to profile that #7 as it’s probably the last version to appear in stores. Some of the previous make ups were very nice. Personally, my favorite is the Black/Crimson/Gold, which is something we’re missing in other Nike LeBron shoes… a true Cleveland Cavaliers style. The latest ZLA 2 is a Red/Navy/White colorway with Gold accents. Usually we would call that USA inspired, but since the shoes don’t reach the States seems like there’s no correlation after all. If you wanna get the Ambassadors… your best bet is eBay.

375508-641 Varsity Red/Midnight Navy-White
nike zoom lebron ambassador 2 gr red navy white 3 01 Nike Zoom LBJ Ambassador II Varsity Red/Midnight Navy/White
From Nike Zoom LeB…
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Feb 10, 2010 at 7:56 am | nike-lebron-shoeszoom-lbj-ambassador-ii

How many shoes does the Nike LeBron line consist of? By our unofficial count the answer is: five. At first there was only one – the numbered one. Then… the 20-5-5 made its debut as a perfect summer/outdoor basketball shoe, which later transformed into the Soldier line. Also, since the beginning, LeBron’s sigs come out as a low-top version too. Last season Nike announced their latest Asia/Pacific project – the Ambassador – which targets lower price points. Now after the information about a special Post Season sneaker has hit the net… seems like there really are five different LeBron James shoes coming out in one year… Start of the season: Numbered, Ambassador Playoffs: Post Season, Soldier Summer/pre-season: Low-top, Soldier TB. The Soldier appears twice, because its future is still unclear. After the P.S. will take the center stage in the Playoffs, seems like the Soldier needs to step down as a Team shoe. After all, we’ve already seen a bunch of Team Bank colorways while a signature version remains nowhere to be seen. What do you thinks about this strategy? Let’s wait and see how the story unfolds. In the meantime… check out the White/Black/Gold style of the Zoom LBJ Ambassador II that hit stores in January… Asian stores that is.

375508-171 White/Metallic Gold-Black
nike zoom lebron ambassador 2 gr white black gold 2 01 Recently Released: Zoom LBJ Ambassador II White/Black/Gold
From Nike Zoom LeB…
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Feb 9, 2010 at 8:20 am | nike-lebron-shoeszoom-lbj-ambassador-ii

I’m sure most of you are very curious to know which LeBrons are the next to drop. Here’s a little info. As you can see below on a photo from China’s SP2010 catalog there are two new Ambassadors coming to stores next year plus a handful of Air Max LeBron VII’s, of course. The next is line are the Black/Gold edition and the Xmas colorway… followed by the White/Red (pictured below) and Black/White/Gold in January/February 2010. March is when your favorite, based on the current poll, Black/Alt Green is expected to be released. Apart from that several exclusive colorways will make an appearance as well. Traditionally March/April is the time for some School PEs to see the daylight. Stay tuned for more updates soon. Photo via

news ambassador 2 and lebron 7 sp10 Upcoming LeBrons   China 2010   New LBJ7 & Ambassador 2s
Dec 14, 2009 at 3:43 pm | miscellaneous

In order to wrap up our preview of the Zoom LBJ Ambassador II O.R.A.P., we go back to the initial colorway. We’ve profiled most of the released Ambassador 2’s and we would like to share some new photos of the regular Black, White and Red style. Still, they haven’t dropped in the U.S., but you can find them on ebay starting at $100. Which one is your favorote by the way?

375508-111 White/White-Black-Varsity Red
nike zoom lebron ambassador 2 gr black white red 5 03 Another Look at the Black / White / Red Zoom LBJ Ambassador II
From Nike Zoom LeB…
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Dec 4, 2009 at 8:12 am | nike-lebron-shoeszoom-lbj-ambassador-ii

Earlier this month we profiled a very interesting colorway of the Zoom LBJ Ambassador II. Back then all we had was one picture, but once they hit ebay additional batches have become available. I’m sure this particular style will be appreciated by the Cleveland Cavaliers fans as it sports team native colors – Crimson and Gold – highlighted with Black and White. It’s a very good match with Cavs’ road unis. Also, the color blocking brings out all details and logos making the shoes much more appealing especially for sneakerheads. Same story regarding the availability… it’s an O.R.A.P., which means they are made for Asia/Pacific market. Don’t give up though… you can get them now from trusted Asian sellers like kixpress for the total of $130 (shipped). Not a bad deal.

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Nov 20, 2009 at 10:42 am | nike-lebron-shoeszoom-lbj-ambassador-ii

We’ve been hearing nothing, but positive things about the Zoom LBJ Ambassador II. It’s not a high end basketball sneaker, but given its purpose and price point they don’t disappoint. We are glad to hear they are much better than the first installment, which was known to cause problems therefore the comfort wasn’t at an usually very high level. Today, let’s take a closer look at the Black/Anthracite colorway, which is about to hit stores in Asia. Nothing fancy here, but everyone needs an All Black shoe from time to time, right? Matches everything and doesn’t get dirty. Click the title to view more photos.

375508-001 Black/Black-Anthracite
nike zoom lebron ambassador 2 gr black anthracite 1 01 Detailed Look at the Black / Anthracite Zoom LBJ Ambassador II
From Nike Zoom LeB…
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Nov 17, 2009 at 6:42 am | nike-lebron-shoeszoom-lbj-ambassador-ii

It’s kind of too bad that we don’t get to see the new Ambassadors up close in U.S. nor Europe. Some of the releasing colorway are very interesting to say at least. Labeled as the Zoom LBJ Ambassador II O.R.A.P., which stands for Outdoor Rubber Asia Pacific, the latest sidekick model from LeBron James’ signature series is very popular overseas. As it was explained by Leo Chang – the lead designer – in the interview posted couple days ago, the ZLA 2 is targeted towards middle price point users, who are used to wearing the shoes and playing basketball at the same time. For today, let’s enjoy new pics of the Navy Denim colorway.

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Nov 14, 2009 at 4:54 am | nike-lebron-shoeszoom-lbj-ambassador-ii

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