Upcoming LeBrons – China 2010 – New LBJ7 & Ambassador 2’s »

Dec 14, 2009 at 3:43 pm | stuff

I’m sure most of you are very curious to know which LeBrons are the next to drop. Here’s a little info. As you can see below on a photo from China’s SP2010 catalog there are two new Ambassadors coming to stores next year plus a handful of Air Max LeBron VII’s, of course. The next is line are the Black/Gold edition and the Xmas colorway… followed by the White/Red (pictured below) and Black/White/Gold in January/February 2010. March is when your favorite, based on the current poll, Black/Alt Green is expected to be released. Apart from that several exclusive colorways will make an appearance as well. Traditionally March/April is the time for some School PEs to see the daylight. Stay tuned for more updates soon. Photo via kenlu.net.

Upcoming LeBrons 8211 China 2010 8211 New LBJ7 amp Ambassador 28217s