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During the More Than a Game World Tour, that took place last summer, Nike released 1230 pairs of limited edition sneakers (123 for each city x 10 = 1230). Seems like they had some left overs as it’s been reported that some B-grade MTAG VII’s (f.e. DC, Akron, Chicago) dropped at one of Nike’s Factory Outlets in Orlando yesterday. They are most likely to be gone by now, but if you check ebay you will notice a great number of listings featuring the MTAG Air Max LeBron VII’s. They come in Nike’s orange boxes unlike the original ones, which featured special MTAG packaging. Apparently, that’s the only difference, but you never know what’s the deal with B-Grades. Too bad the online prices are not so great. Most of the “good Samaritans” on ebay are charging way over $300 when the outlet price was $69.99. Forget about the “One of One Hundred Twenty Three” text inside the shoe.

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Jan 20, 2010 at 10:17 am | lebron-viinike-lebron-shoes

There was a good run of custom Nike LeBron sneakers during the More Than a Game World Tour. Each city was used as an inspiration in order to create a special Artist Edition of the Nike Air Max LeBron VII. Some of the shoes were hot, others not so much, but they had one thing in common… they were created exclusively for LeBron James, which made them impossible to buy or get. Last week, 1OF Customs created a custom shoe based on the AML7 MTAG (Akron colorway) as a gift for LeBron James’ 25th birthday. You might remember their work as last year they came up with the ZLVI “Redemption”. It must be pretty special to have your own line of shoes, but when others are making customs for your birthday… that’s when you know you’re doing great. The Craps Edition features a special panel imitating a craps table instead of Flywire, 84 on the tongue – LBJ’s birth year, and “two” and “three” – his current jersey number – is pictured using dice.

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Jan 5, 2010 at 9:33 am | lebron-viinike-lebron-shoes

It’s safe to say that among all ten different More Than a Game AMLVII’s Akron version is the most special. I mean, sure the Shenyang edition with its super cool Irish SVSM logo is hard to beat, but I’m sure fans in Ohio were excited to get a LeBron shoe with Akron written on the heel. Since King James’ alma matter – the St. Vincent St. Mary High School – is also in Akron all other shoes seem less special. And while we await any information regarding real SVSM PEs please take a look at these new photos presenting the MTAG Akron Limited Edition. The Akron style represents “Family” and has an image of James with his mother, Gloria. Over thirty photos await you after the break.

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Dec 9, 2009 at 9:49 am | lebron-viinike-lebron-shoes

10 cities. 123 pairs for each city. 1230 pairs total. The More Than a Game VII’s were a nice way to get fans into the design in general. Combining the premiere of the LeBron James documentary with the release of the Nike Air Max LeBron VII was definitely the right idea. Sadly, most of the MTAG’s, which dropped in the States, ended up on eBay. But, hopefully they found thier way in order to reach real fans. Different story overseas. It was very difficult to find any of the Asia or Europe MTAG VII’s listed on ebay or anywhere else for that matter. Getting the shoes was very hard, therefore getting any good pics was not an easy task as well. Fortunately, thanks to our friends at Nike, we’ve been able to get some close up pics of the London Exclusive. Over thirty photos after the break.

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Nov 18, 2009 at 6:52 am | lebron-viinike-lebron-shoes

Everything has been already said about Nike’s More Than a Game shoes and we wouldn’t like to repeat ourselves. Today we would like to share couple new photos presenting the Washington Limited Edition. There are 10 different shoes, one for each city from the MTAG World Tour, and all of them feature the same colorway. I hope nobody is trying to get them all, cause that would have been very difficult. Especially, getting the overseas – Europe and Asia – editions would be a hard task since fans over there are more likely to keep their pairs instead of flipping them for money. The Washington D.C. style represents “Community” and has an image of the SVSM team in a huddle with cheering fans in the background. We have several detailed pictures available for your viewing pleasure after the jump. Enjoy! Shout out to Nike for making them available for this photoshoot.

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Oct 31, 2009 at 5:00 pm | lebron-viinike-lebron-shoes

On Saturday, Nike introduced the last in a series of limited edition styles of the new Nike Air Max LeBron VII. Sorry, no more MTAG’s. In each of the ten cities the tour visited, Nike made 123 pairs of the Air Max LeBron VII “More Than a Game” shoes available at retail. The Los Angeles style represents “Fearless” and has an image of James low-fiving his teammates as he runs through the lineup to center court. See all city versions: CLICK HERE.

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Sep 28, 2009 at 7:16 pm | lebron-viinike-lebron-shoes

Today, at a presentation that took place during Nike’s grassroots activities in Los Angeles, C.R. Stecyk III gave James an uniquely designed pair of Air Max LeBron VII shoes. Stecyk took his inspiration for the one-of-a-kind shoes from the city of Los Angeles, paying homage to the new monuments of urban shift in the city. The multiplicities of LA are reflected on the surfaces of the shoe. It is clad in colors derived from the region’s natural hues such as the incandescent blues of the sky and the rich rusty bronze of the clay soil of the Pueblo. Sole theatrics can be glimpsed on the inside where a hand engraved metallic plate view of Los Angeles City Hall is located as a symbolic tribute to the city’s center. Unique elements of the extended city such as the palm trees and telephone poles which sometimes function as basketball standards can be viewed on the exterior. “There are countless thousands of places to shoot hoops that range from makeshift defacto rims to full blown arenas,” said Stecyk, adding, “Basketball is an integral fact of the populace’s life — in LA it is literally the sport of the people.”

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Sep 26, 2009 at 4:05 pm | lebron-viinike-lebron-shoes

The MTAG World Tour is about to hit its final stop in Los Angeles this Saturday. There will be a screening of the “More Than a Game” at Pacific Theater at the Grove (11 AM) and of course the main event, which is Nike Basketball Community Day at Hollywood and Highland Center (11 AM – 6 PM). Awaiting the final limited edition of the Nike Air Max LeBron VII – both City and Artist Series – let’s take a closer look at the NYC pair. Hopefully, Nike will finish the World Tour in the U.S. on a high note, cause so far the best MTAG’s were in Asia (Shenyang City VII) and Europe (Paris Artist Series).

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Sep 25, 2009 at 9:11 am | lebron-viinike-lebron-shoes

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