LeBron XI Elite Drops the P.S. Title, Comes in New White Box »

Mar 29, 2014 at 1:34 pm | lebron-xishoes

Ever since the introduction of LeBron James’ Playoffs series his shoes were titled as P.S., which stands for Post Season. The first two – LeBron VII P.S. and LeBron 8 P.S. – were slightly cheaper than their regular season counterparts. Two years ago Nike added the Elite tag, which added premium materials, but also boosted the prices… a lot! Now with the LeBron 11, Nike Basketball drops the P.S. label and the new LeBron James Playoffs shoes are simply titled as LEBRON XI Elite. Below, there are a couple of new images showing the retail version of the new Elites, which includes a new White drawer box with multi-colored front. Which version of the new LeBron 11 Elite is your favorite thus far?

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  • Kano Kash

    Yeah these elites are fire but that 275 is gonna scare a lot of people away. Well at least I can wake up midday knowing they are gonna be there for me

  • John Smith

    I really like the red 1, I just can’t see myself in $291 dollars shoes. Sorry Nike, You’re not gonna get what you’re expecting the price need to be with $100 dollars material.

  • Greg Huber

    I bough all 4 pairs of LeBron 9 Elite and all 4 pairs of LeBron 10 Elite. 10’s were much easier to find for below retail. I definitely won’t be getting all 3 LeBron 11 Elites because the prices I got from my local spot are insane. I will hunt for these, but not for the suggested price. This needs to stop, Nike! Please don’t make kids buy ~$300 kicks. Chances are LeBron won’t use them much anyway.

  • sickoftheshoegame

    Well the red Lebron is auto copped hopefully I can use my discount but if not I will get them

  • Will Thrill

    Both of these colorways go hard. I bet they are really performance minded kicks.
    Hefty on the price but what the hell, gotta have them.

  • ?Damoiseau L’XÉ

    There is 5 colorways (except PE of course) of 10’s !
    You probably forgot the best : the “Finals” ! ;-)

  • Greg Huber

    This shoe doesn’t exist for me.

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