Nike Basketball is paying tribute to the unique flavor of New Orleans with the 2014 NOLA Gumbo League Collection, including the LEBRON 11. Influenced by the flavors and stories of the Big Easy, Nike cooked up a bold mix of technical innovation, aesthetic flair and old-fashioned New Orleans traditions. Inspired by the fearsome alligator, the LeBron XI “Gator King” is a bold expression and a symbol of protection in New Orleans culture mirrored in graphic textures throughout the shoe. Invisible to the naked eye, hand-drawn patterns come to life as the Hyperposite bucket of the shoe glows in the dark. The shoes drop tomorrow so we take you through a very detailed look, which includes all elements… the shoes, the packaging and special glow in the dark effects.

Source: Turnon via NikeTalk.
Feb 13, 2014 at 2:09 pm | lebron-xinike-lebron-shoes
  • Kano Kash

    Got mines HOH called not that long ago
    Thank you Jesus lol

  • Greg Huber

    I should get mine tomorrow. Can’t wait!

  • sports23fan22

    Hopefully I can get a pair!

  • Nyjetssanchez

    On my way to the mall to wait outside of the nike store!

  • sickoftheshoegame

    Got mine off Nike this morning my heart was thumping just to check out

  • dakid973

    Got them today in gs size 7 and they are fire my mall did not have men’s at all.

  • sharkezzy

    Clicked all morning…. didnt get em :(

  • Jon

    How do u get them to glow like that?

  • KillerCloud7

    Max results do 10 min under blacklight to get any glow cells saturated

  • Jon

    Ok cool cool thanks

  • Tomgunz84

    Can you make it glow like that with any type of light of just black light ?

  • Tomgunz84

    How is the glow for you ?

  • Tomgunz84

    Can you make it glow like that with any type of light or just black light ?

  • KillerCloud7

    Blacight way better but naw don’t matter

  • Tomgunz84

    I meant is the black light the only way to make it glow SUPER bright like the last 3 pics ?

  • Greg Huber

    No, you can also use regular camera flash and “charge” the shoes with it. Just give it a go with a couple of flashes.

  • Tomgunz84

    Aww ok thanks

  • Kano Kash

    It glows nice and it does have to be that dark for you to see the glow

  • Tomgunz84

    Ok cool I’m excited they should come in next week lol my nike rep hooked me up with the illusions and these

  • gavin

    am i able to these from this site

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