Closer Look at LeBron X CORK Limited Edition Packaging (1 of 21) »

Feb 25, 2013 at 12:25 pm | lebron-xshoes

The great majority of the Cork LeBron X’s come in regular brown Nike Sportswear boxes. However, Nike prepared an alternate packaging and marked some of the releasing pairs with a special upgrade. Among the people who bought Corks, those who found the “golden ticket” inside won a special golden mirrored box with the King James “Griffin” logo etched on the top. According to the information on the ticket there were only 21 sets available. Rumor has it that apart from the mirrored box there was a similar contest for the wooden box packaging, which was previewed a while ago.

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  • Bruce Balsinde

    Who cares… Nike blows!

  • jwill227

    i dont care.. limited everything is nikes favorite thing

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