First Look at LeBron X Cork Special Packaging and its Price! »

Dec 8, 2012 at 4:53 am | lebron-xshoes

The most anticipated colorway of the Nike LeBron X has been presented with a special packaging, which includes a wooden box and a another diamond shaped box made of… Cork, obviously. The actual shoe box features a leather lining just like the shoes. It’s a Nike Sportswear project therefore LeBron James’ lion logo is laser etched on the wooden box. It’s safe to assume these will be extremely hard to get. They were already postponed till mid-January, but let’s hope they won’t share the fate of MVP 9’s. Actually, you can enter a contest to pre-order these in Europe at, but both the quantity and the price – 300 Euros(!) – don’t project much hope. It’s a MSRP set by Nike Spain. This means fans in the U.S. might get lucky for as low as $300. You might want to change that letter to Santa now or rant away.

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  • Chornealius CapoStatus Biscoe


  • Roy

    Must Cop don’t fuck me over Nike like the Lebron 9 MVP/Championship shoes

  • jwill22

    absolute insanity! these r sick! and prolli more limted than the crown jewels and the future south beach lebron x…

  • jwill22

    these r crazy! i want them real bad! theyre gunna be more limited than the crown jewels and the future south beach lebron x….

  • Bruce Balsinde

    I’m definitely going to try and get them but I’m not paying resellers. If Nike doesn’t screw everyone over, they should be a nice grab.


    DOPE! Def Cop!

  • dOubleO

    I NEED!!! Greg…you need to help me on this if they ever release in EU. I’ m not hoping for a Canadian release

  • Sergeio

    that lion looks like the Chelsea FC logo but reversed

  • turd fergusson

    holy titz

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  • Denzo

    Lets not kid around.. these other than being limited might be the ugliest thing to ever come out.. and as usual.. they are not earned. 1 championship and the guy gets a cork box.. Guess how many people have 1 championship, or even 2.. nearly every one who has won it.. Get over the LBJ.. I love the LBJ X but this is too much ugly even for me..

  • Zboardkid

    where can i get the lebron cork


    nice shoes very high price will try to afford what is on budget if you have the money this is a must have if you are a lebron fan but if you want more sizzle save up and get all star design

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