Zoom LeBron II Re-release Rumors. True or False? »

Jun 27, 2008 at 3:27 pm | stuff

This is just in. According to several NikeTalk members – SlimSolejer and PO2345 – Nike is planning on releasing several Zoom LeBron II Player Exclusive colorways. If you think that a typo than let me say this again… yes we are talking about the Zoom LeBron 2 – LeBron’s second signature sneaker. It’s hard to call it a retro release when you deal with PEs and if anything they are going to be extremely limited (yeah, like what else is new). The colorways that are expected to drop include – SVSM Away, SVSM Home, Dunkman, HWC and one more White/Red based version (36 pairs of each). The distribution method is unknown, but most likely Nike’s PE outlet – the House of Hoops – will be involved. There’s also a possibility for a Cleveland release. This is just a rumor now, but it’s been confirmed by several individuals. Nike’s known to make decisions at the last moment and I’m sure some of the fans remember the Fruity Pebbles, HWC IV and Retro AZG Camo, that were just as breaking news as this one, but in fact none of them got released. All that was before the House of Hoops got opened and new possibilities came into play. We will follow this matter and let you know if there are any updates. What do you think about this idea? Get at us in the comment box below.

Zoom LeBron II Rerelease Rumors True or FalseZoom LeBron II Rerelease Rumors True or FalseZoom LeBron II Rerelease Rumors True or False