Yankees Nike Zoom LeBron V is in the News »

Jan 23, 2008 at 5:48 pm | lebron-jameslifestyle

We already confirmed the release of the Nike Zoom LeBron V NY Yankees edition last week. However, the shoes are making quite a buzz in the news and several articles concerning this design hit the Internet. The main topic of the discussion is again LeBron James’ loyality to his hometown in reference to him being a long time Yankees fan and sporting a New York cap in a game between the Yankees and Indians back in October. James has been loyal to the Yankees since he was a kid. He’s also a big Dallas Cowboys fan. “LeBron has a great appreciation for New York City itself,” said Kejuan Wilkins (Nike spokesman), “and this is just another tie.” Read the full article here. For us sneakerheads the only thing that matters is a new, sleek Nike Zoom LeBron V colorway that is said to be released in March, limited but still worth mentioning.

UPDATE: After tonight’s game James said his soon-to-be-released New York Yankees-inspired sneakers, which have upset some Cleveland fans, are nothing more than “a tribute to one of the greatest franchises in sports. It’s just me being a fan.” So, does he plan to pay homage to the Dallas Cowboys, his favorite NFL team? “No,” he joked, “they didn’t make the Super Bowl.”

Yankees Nike Zoom LeBron V is in the News