What If… Nike Added LeBron 2 Straps to the LeBron 14? »

Dec 29, 2016 at 5:18 pm | lebron-xivshoes

I posted this photo on Instagram the other day and people seem to love the idea. It’s no surprise because it make sense on so many levels! We all know performance footwear is no near where it was 10 years ago. Both aesthetics and materials have changed… for good.

Regarding the upcoming Nike LeBron 14 we’re still very much in the dark. The design is complete and this trainer looking silhouette is here to stay. However, I’m sure fans would appreciate a little but of retro feel by including elements of past Nike LeBrons. Since the 14’s feature a strap it would be nice if they added the mismatched NIKE and Swoosh straps… the same way they did it twelve years ago! Let’s face it… having big Swoosh logos everywhere is not everyone’s cup of tea. The other day I mentioned about the lack of signature touches on the LeBron 14 and the NIKE strap would make up for some of that.

There was a rumor that Nike would do this this way, but after the pics surfaced I think it’s not going to happen. Here’s a photoshopped concept of the NIKE strap. The colorway alone is also made up. Via Niketalk.

What If Nike Added LeBron 2 Straps to the LeBron 14