Welcome Two New Collectors – Iwantlebron and Lilrichflip »

Sep 21, 2008 at 6:04 am | updates

There have been some major updates in the collectors section this month regarding both layout and content. First, two new collectors joined our site – Iwantlebron | Lilrichflip. Both have some nice LeBrons – a combination of GRs and PEs – so be sure to check them out. Second, apart from the new pages we’ve updated other collections, we’ve received new pics from: RaNdZ4937 | Visrael | Cjbruns1974 (basically a whole new page) | dOubleO | Bkals. Finally, all the pages have been updated with our photos popups feature, so it’s much easier to browse through the pictures now. Also, the main table have been expanded with extra information about the date of the last update, which notifies about any changes in the collection.

Welcome Two New Collectors 8211 Iwantlebron and Lilrichflip