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Aug 4, 2008 at 12:59 pm | updates

After updating the top menu last week, many have wondered what the new item – ‘Sneakers Dictionary‘ – is. It’s high time to deliver an answer. This new section features all Nike Zoom LeBron shoes categorized by model. It provides pictures oriented shoe listings (one-shoe-one-photo), galleries (self-explanatory) and showcases (general releases presented via variety of angles and close-ups). Basically it’s the same as the albums we’ve been using so far. However, the old approach is hard to organize and customize that’s why we’re stepping up to meet readers’ expectations. The new pages are located directly here on NikeLeBron.net and should save some loading time, which can be still high due to the large volume of photos. The menus on the left sidebar are still linked to the old albums and your preferences will be highly appreciated in order to choose the best method. All in all NLB.net has always been about the fans and their comfort to browse this website. To express your opinion use the comment box below and help to decide if we’re heading in the right direction. Also, please let us know if there are any bugs and errors. Thanks!

The new pages work pretty much the same way, but they are faster and easier to use. Each album is divided into 100-photo pages. The thumbnails are small, but when you click them an enlarged version will pop out instead of loading a new page. The new image-window is very easy to navigate… you can even use keyboard shortcuts (esc, left arrow, right arrow). Also, the saving should be easier, because the pics will be bigger by default (800 pixels if available). We are planning to do the same thing for the NBA/USA galleries, but right now it depends on your feedback. The pics used for the posts will remain the same, but there are plans to change that too, maybe in an even cooler way. Thanks!

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