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Hardwood Classic


Cleveland Cavaliers’ Hardwood Classic theme has been one of the most apparent celebrations of team’s history in the NBA. From numerous alternate jerseys, additional CavFanatic campaigns, plenty of bubbleheads, and other memorabilia to personalized sneakers, of course. Nike and LeBron James have paid their tribute to the franchise by creating a lot of matching sneakers. LeBron’s shoes were always a nice match with HWC jerseys, but sometimes he had even more fun by mismatching his shoes with each other. Still, the colorways were always on point. The fact that Cavaliers’ retro colors equal native team colors of the New York Knicks made things much more interesting. James’ love for the NYC as well as the “Mecca of basketball” (Madison Square Garden) has been very well documented plus New York fans have been trying to convince him to play for the Knicks since day one. Still, Nike has never actually called them New York inspired shoes. Depending on the era in Cleveland’s basketball, the HWC theme consits of Maroon and Yellow or Orange and Royal Blue. It’s one of the most popular and recognizable themes among Nike LeBron collectors. From all the shoes pictured below, only the Zoom LeBron IV (Birthday version) and the Zoom LeBron VI (both) were actually released to public. Other styles have been reserved exclusively for King James, who after signing with the Miami Heat starts a new HWC chapter. This time it’s Orange and Pink… inspired by the 1971-72 Miami Floridians of the ABA.


Nike LeBron 8
Nike Air Max LeBron VII
Nike Zoom LeBron VI
Nike Zoom LeBron V
Nike Zoom LeBron IV
Nike Zoom LeBron II
Nike Zoom Soldier I
Source: 3peat.jp.

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    nice! i want all ur collection….bec.im the one of your fan from phillipines…someday i buy it.;)