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Gloria / Think Pink


Growing up, life was often a struggle for LeBron James and his mother Gloria. She gave birth as a 16-year-old and the two moved around frequently as Gloria was never able to land steady work. Since LeBron’s first season in the NBA and his first signature shoe, the Nike Air Zoom Generation, every year Nike has made a special version of his shoes in white and pink exclusively for his mom. As the years went by, Nike’s Pink shoes collection took off as a part of the Think Pink campaign in order to bring awareness to breast cancer. Therefore most of the recent releases feature the Kay Yow Cancer Fund logo. Initially, the “Glo” shoes were made exclusively for LeBron and his Friends & Family, but Nike started releasing them in Kids’ sizes and as a part of the Soldier series. Additionally, you can see them in action during the WNBA Breast Health Awareness Week each season.


Nike Zoom Soldier VI
Nike LeBron 9
Nike Air Max Soldier V
Nike LeBron 8 V/2
Nike Zoom Soldier IV
Nike Air Max LeBron VII
Nike Zoom Soldier III
Nike Zoom LeBron VI
Nike Zoom LeBron IV
Nike Zoom LeBron Low ST
Nike Zoom LeBron III Low
Nike Zoom LeBron II Low
Nike Zoom LeBron II
Nike Air Zoom Generation

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