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The China series has made its memorable debut back in 2005. The first shoe labeled as China Exclusive (actually it’s more of an Asia Exclusive) was the Zoom LeBron III. Collectors were dying to get a pair, however, it wasn’t an easy task. China III’s were limited to 1000 pairs. They came out with a wooden box, which made shipping out more challenging. Also, back in the day it wasn’t that simple to get an access to stores in Asia. Usually, apart from special colorways, China LeBrons feature a special packaging as well. The first two (III & IV) had special wooden boxes, the V had a customized carton box and a dust bag. Nike took a break with the VI, but they came back and released a special China Moon Cake edition of the VII. Usually, China’s kicks are White and Red with Gold or Silver details, but with the VII Gold took the center stage. China 8’s were again White, Red and… Silver and the ancient Chinese stone lion was the main inspiration. Nike shocked the fans with China 9’s as the shoes didn’t feature the usual colors of Red or Gold. Instead, the “Fire Lion” was a tribute to Chinese culture with a fearsome motif of the Chinese Stone Lion and the Miami Heat because blue is the hottest part of the flame. Additionally, there was a China version of the Zoom Soldier II, but apart from the colorway it didn’t present any other indications of being China’s special make up whatsoever. All Chinas are limited edition sneakers: 1000 pairs – ZLIII, 4500 pairs – ZLIV, 3750 pairs – ZLV, and a similar run with the VII.


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