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Birthday / Xmas


Like every other shoe the Birthday edition has its own story. However, a more personal one. Because how can you not celebrate your marquee star’s date of birth. It’s all started with the II, like in most cases. That was the breakthrough period for LeBron’s shoes. The first Bdays sported a plain, all black theme, but since there were only three Zoom LeBron II’s, they gained a special valuable meaning. The following year Nike came up with a different idea and released the III’s as a birthday bundle. The package contained a matching t-shirt and a belt. At the age of 22, LBJ got another gift from Nike. We all know that everything about the ZLIV was spectacular and the Bdays were no different. Featuring Cavs’ throwback colors the shoes really stood out, which fans found really appealing, what cannot be said about its successor – Zoom LeBron 5. The Birthday V was simply an SVSM shoe with a missing logo, which long has probably been forgotten. Although the VI’s, VII’s, 8’s and 9’s aren’t technically Birthdays they do carry the hallmark. We call them Christmas exlusives, but they come out around LeBron James’ birthday, therfore we can assume they share a purpose.


Nike LeBron XII
Nike LeBron XI
Nike LeBron X
Nike LeBron 9
Nike LeBron 8 V/2
Nike Air Max LeBron VII
Nike Zoom LeBron VI
Nike Zoom LeBron V
Nike Zoom LeBron IV
Nike Zoom LeBron III
Nike Zoom LeBron II
Source: 3peat.jp.

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