Superman aka Hardwood Classic Alternate Zoom LeBron 6 »

Feb 18, 2009 at 2:30 am | lebron-vishoes

If you’re making notes, scheduled to be released in the upcoming weeks are: Akron, CTK Home, SVSM Home, but also both HWC shoes. Yes, it seems weird, because this would mean that King James would have ZERO Player Exclusives reserved just for him. Apart from the modified VIs with the LRJ logo on the back of the shoe. Anyway, it’s a good thing and bad at the same time. Good, cause all fans will be able to get the exact sneakers he’s been wearing this season. Bad, cause there will be nothing left for those more dedicated collectors, who find joy in pursuing the rarest PEs. I have to say the Hardwood Classic Alternate Nike Zoom LeBron VI looks much better in person. You can’t go wrong with Superman’s colors, multi-colored stitching on the midosle, Yellow eye-popping swoosh and even 3M reflective lining. Stay tuned for more information and release details.

Superman aka Hardwood Classic Alternate Zoom LeBron 6 Show Album