Releasing Now: Nike LeBron 9 “Ohio State” Buckeyes »

Nov 15, 2011 at 2:49 am | lebron-ixshoes

LeBron James has already debuted the Ohio State colorway of the Nike LeBron 9 in the OKC Charity Game last month. He wore the Player Exclusive version. However, if you won’t miss lack of the “O” logo on the tongue you can get the General Release model starting today at or Similar to the Kentucky pair, college styles like UKs, OSUs, and probably Canes too seem to be exclusive in the U.S. The Buckeyes are already wearing theirs… more info on that soon.

Releasing Now Nike LeBron 9 8220Ohio State8221 BuckeyesReleasing Now Nike LeBron 9 8220Ohio State8221 Buckeyes Show Album
  • stinkbug

    in my hood we call these greg odens copped son

  • Atrain6

    There alright. Easy pass.

  • Rodolfo

    To me, these are flat out sick..

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    [quote comment=”156468″]in my hood we call these greg odens copped son[/quote]

    Umm…why??? I don’t think these shoes are an embarassment, LOL! We here in Portland are just hoping that we don’t get completely f-ed and maybe someday he’ll be good enough to play but our hopes aren’t high

  • Unknown colorway please!

  • deez

    these shoes are just wack with the big ass ear flap covering the ankles….bron will never be MJ just for the simpe fact that his shoes will never be as good

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