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Apr 28, 2008 at 5:49 am | shoeszoom-soldier-ii

Yesterday, in the fourth game of the 2008 Playoffs, LeBron James wore the Black, White and Red Nike Zoom Soldier II. The new colorway is one of the upcoming GRs and it’s scheduled to be released in June. In the first two games King James introduced the Soldier II Cavs Home PE followed by the recently released White, Navy and Red GR version in Game 3. Usually LeBron’s PEs carry a bunch of additional logos, even the GR-look-a-likes, that make his shoes more special than they already are. Additionally LBJ’s customized game shoes are much more different than just the logos, here’s an example – LBJ’s Customized ZLIV Carbon Fiber Insole. Last year, when James led the Cavaliers all the way to the Finals he wore several customized Zoom Soldier Is. Out of the three ZSIIs there’s only one close-up photo, it’s the White and Navy version from Game 3. So far we weren’t able to spot any new logos and the only difference between James’ Player Edition and the General Release seems to be the additional sixth eyelet on his personalized game shoes. During the first two Playoff runs LeBron was equipped with the strapped, ready for the battle Zoom 20.5.5. and Zoom Soldier, and maybe this year without the extra protection he needed more of a lockdown to secure his feet. Of course there might be some other reasons too. Are you gonna “customize”(drill) your shoes in the same way?

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