New website… welcome »

Mar 21, 2007 at 4:11 am | updates

For the past few days I’ve been working on my new website. I needed some more functionality and I had to let go the good and old From now on the nikelebron news website is: Please update Your bookmarks… it will stay this way forever. The transition is almost complete… I still have to adjust a few pages to the new look and feel. Please let me know what do You think about the new layout, features as well as some bugs that still might occur during the first few days.

What’s new:

  • Every single post in a seperate page (You can link directly to it)
  • You can rate and/or comment every post using rating stars or comments under the posts
  • Much easier navigation! archives, categories, news calendar showing post titles
  • New website logo… thanks to user trillistg from ISS
  • No more different styles for different browsers
  • NO ADS!!! On my previous website I used some external components that sometimes have generated popup ads which were very annoying for me as it was probably for You too
  • Much faster web server… shorter loading time and much faster navigation
  • RSS feeds… Be the first to know thanks to news, comments and photos feeds
  • For me as the admin new website means less focusing on keeping the website neat, more focus on providing new content

What’s the same:

  • All the photos remain the same (links etc.). It is still the same album
  • Shoutbox has also not changed. I plan to replace it later… once I have some free time
  • Every post, guide, webpage from the old website is here