New poll – best Nike LeBron Player Exclusive »

Feb 26, 2007 at 3:03 am | updates

Today I’ve started a new poll: “Which Nike LeBron PE You desire most?”. Through last 4 years of Nike LeBron sneakers there were many unique Player Exclusives. I wonder which one of these beautiful designs do You like most ? Here are the results for the previous poll:

Looks like the newest Nike LeBron has gotten into Your liking (141 out of 318 votes). The second place can be a surprise to some of You but to me it’s exactly what I have expected – Nike Zoom 20-5-5 (56) which is an awesome basketball sneaker. Not too far behind the LBJ IIIs got the 3rd place (51) and the last two spots went for the ZLII (44) and the AZG (26).

New poll 8211 best Nike LeBron Player Exclusive