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May 27, 2008 at 2:49 pm | lebron-vshoesupdates

For those, who are not familiar with our photo gallery system here’s a quick tutorial. In general every Nike LeBron model, featured on this website, has three different albums – Listing, Gallery and Showcase. Listing lists all the known shoes, at least the ones, which leaked to the Internet. Gallery is where all the other pics are being kept… from General Release to Player Exclusive and Samples. The final Showcase is special cause it’s separated from the Gallery and the idea behind it is to show all the GR models from various angles. It’s complementary to our Fake Guides section, which contains various tips on how to spot a fake. The showcase should help you by showing most of the released LeBrons on a real pics. That being said today we launch a new album – Zoom LeBron V Showcase. Big props to our friend Balalun!

Source: Balalun | From News Updates #2
New Gallery Complete Nike Zoom LeBron V Showcase Show Album