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Aug 8, 2008 at 2:55 am | updates

Lately we’ve welcomed in our distinguish Collectors section five new members. As the word continues to spread we gather more and more LeBron James shoes enthusiasts. All the new and previous collections are strongly appreciated. We are thankful that you have shared with us piece of your passion. So here they are… enter the collectors room of Afreakyboy | RaNdZ4937 | Chrischi | Miko0412 | H-Leung (46 pics!). Also, some other pages have been updated… so feel free to browse through them as well. However, that’s not all that’s new. The Fake Guides section has been enlarged as well. The new sets of hints are not as insightful as the previous ones, but for example the Fake Soldiers are much less sophisticated than the main signature shoes, which get most of the attention in this case. Additionally, since there are some early Zoom LeBron VI fakes we want to make sure you will stay alerted from the very beginning. Follow the links Fake Zoom Soldier, Fake Zoom Soldier II and Fake Zoom LeBron VI. On top of it all there are some other updates that you might find worth checking out. The Sneakers Dictionary is still fresh, but that’s just the start. Very soon all the menus will be updated to adapt to the new albums. Other than that the comments feature have been enhanced. Now you can quote each other and also preview comments before submitting. We hope you’ll find it useful. Soon one more big change will take place. The photos used for the posts won’t be linked with external pages. Instead a very cool pop-up will show so it will be easier to zoom and save all the pictures. Check back soon.

Massive Amount of Updates 8211 New Collectors and Fake Guides