LeBron James’ Saint Vincent Saint Mary Shoes Timeline »

Jun 3, 2008 at 2:09 pm | stuffupdates

Thanks to our Shoes Timeline section you can see literally EVERY single shoe that LeBron James stepped on the basketball court in. That is during his 5-year NBA career. As we all know, even in High School, being just a teenager he had plenty of exclusive shoes from various sneaker companies. SVSM’s sponsor was Adidas so it’s natural he had plenty of those. However, other brands – Nike (including Air Jordan) and Reebok – also made shoes for King James before he signed a lucrative 90 million dollar deal with Nike. It wasn’t easy to comply a list of his high school game shoes, but we managed to gather some pics for our readers. Follow the link to see all the pics: SVSM 2000-2003 Shoes Timeline.

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